Ireteba Peaks Wilderness Area - 04/16/2019 Trip Notes

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04/16/2019 Trip Notes: Even though today's weather predicted rain, it turned out pretty good. We spent about 4 hours driving along Rockefeller Road on our way to the Rockefeller Mine (Fig. 02). We made a few stops along the way for some scenic picture taking and exploration of some old abandoned mines. This entire area has the most jumping cholla cacti you have ever encountered. There are literally tens of thousands of these plants. Jumping Cholla (Cylindropuntia fulgida) The view in (Fig. 01) is of Copper Mountain. A little further along we spotted a large cave (Fig.03) on the side of a mountain side and decided to stop and climb up to it. As we climbed up this rough, rocky, jagged hillside, there were hundreds of small wildflowers and cactus. Howard Saxon, in (Fig. 04), and I hung behind the rest of the group taking our time as we tried to get pictures of the many small wildflowers and cacti we found along the way (Fig. 05). Eventually the rest of the group reached the cave. Jim was the first one to reach it and took this picture looking out and back down the hill and the road we traveled to get there (Fig. 07). After the three of them all entered the cave they ended up confronting the following. (Notes Continued below)

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Notes Continued: They found a large snake. It was a California Snake that was up on a ledge that finally came out and slithered its way to the ground (Fig. 08). For additional pictures and info about this snake click here ... California Kingsnake (Lampropeltis getula californiae). Bob Croke also captured this picture of a colorful Blister beetle (Fig. 09). Click here for more info ... Master Blister Beetle (Lytta magister). Climbing up the hill we came across a couple of caterpillars (Fig. 10). Click here for more pictures and information ...White Lined Sphinx Moth Catepiller. The view in (Fig. 11) was taken about halfway up the hillside looking north toward the Ireteba Wilderness Area. From here we continued driving up the road toward the Rockefeller Mine stopping at various mines along the way (Figs. 13 thru 18). Eventually we came to a barricade in the road and had to turn back. After this trip we drove to Boulder City and had lunch at a barbecue restaurant before turning home.

(Fig. 08) picture by Jim Herring
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