Labyrinths in Laughlin NV


What is a Labyrinth?
A labyrinth is a meandering path, often unicursal, with a singular path leading to a center. You begin a labyrinth walk at the entrance and proceed along the path. Lines define the path and often maintain a consistent width, even around the turns. A left- or right-handed labyrinth is determined by the direction of the first turn after entering the labyrinth. Neither is better than the other—it is totally up to personal preference of the builder. Figure 2 shows Jim at the center after walking one of the labyrinths.

(Fig. 02)

Laughlin's Labyrinths Description
Just outside the town of Laughlin, tucked away in the desert are a series of labyrinths meant to inspire serenity. Created by Wes Dufek, the Laughlin Labyrinths were designed to help lost souls find their peaceful center. There are nine labyrinths, each within a quarter mile radius of each other and ranging from 25 to 55 feet. Recently, a 36-foot and 7-circuit square labyrinth has been added to the site. The Laughlin Labyrinths and surrounding desert scenery create a calming experience for those who take the time to walk the mazes. Labyrinths appear in many cultures around the world, with documented benefits connected to reduced blood pressure, chronic pain alleviation, and insomnia relief.

Dufek built these labyrinths painstakingly, rock by rock. “For the very first one, I took a milk crate, filled it with rock, carried it to the site, and dumped it,” he recalls. “And that is literally how I built the first one. Just buckets of rock, and then when we had all the rock, we started arranging them.” It took Dufek three and a half months to construct the first labyrinth. Each of the labyrinths at Laughlin are different shapes (Fig. 03) and patterns, inspired by separate concepts. All of the labyrinths are meant to encourage tranquility and inner dialogue. In their twists and turns, they encourage visitors to accept the unpredictability of daily life with ease. They are free to visit and open at all times.

(Fig. 03)
09/12/2019 Visit Notes: Here is a short PBS Video of the Laughlin's Labyrinths, Click here to check it out ... Video of the Laughlin Labyrinths. The segment starts at 2.23 minutes into the video. Though they are interesting, overall neither of us were impressed with the area. In the main area there are five labyrinths of varying size and shape. If you walk to the top of the ridge to the right, you can get to view all of them (Fig. 04). In the distance you can see another ridge several hundred yards away with three more. We were not excited enough to hike to there. Picture (Fig. 05) is of a square one. Jim was not feeling any more "peaceful" of changed after walking one. We can no say, been there and done that.

(Fig. 04)
(Fig. 05)