Lower Lost Creek (Falls) - 04/12/2006 Trip Notes

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(Fig. 01)
04/12/2006 Trip Notes: On this date I visited here with my cousin Johnny Coxon who was visiting us. While traking the 13-mile road through the Red Rock Park, we made a stop here to visit the waterfall. From the parking area and trailhead (Fig. 02) you head out to Lost Creek Canyon following the stony trail that crossed the the large open area leading to the Red Rock wash (Fig. 01). After crossing the wash you enter an area with a lot of heavy bushes and the location of the natural spring (Fig. 03). Refer to the map in (Fig. 02). Along the way you walk up a series of stone steps and through a cave like natural arch (Fig. 04) on the way to the waterfall. Unfortunately, upon reaching the falls, there was only a trickle of water coming over the cliff (Fig. 05). The next two pictures were captured on the hike back to the trailhead. Though this is a relatively short, 1/4 mile, it is quite rocky and is an elevation gain of about 125 feet. The good news is that from the spring to the canyon with the waterfall you are shaded from the sun.

(Fig. 02)
(Fig. 03)
(Fig. 04)
(Fig. 05)
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