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Miscellaneous Links to Wildlife, Plants and Habitat Types

Reptiles of Nevada Venomous Reptiles of Nevada

Habitat TypesThe lower elevations are dominated by Mojave Desert Scrub (Upper Sonoran Life Zone), where Creosote BushMojave YuccaBanana YuccaBuckhorn Cholla, and low-growing shrubs are common. Scattered Honey Mesquite occur in washes, as do more common Catclaw Acacia and Apache Plume.
The middle elevations are also Mojave Desert Scrub (Upper Sonoran Life Zone), but the vegetation is dominated by blackbrushJoshua treesbuckhorn chollaMojave yucca, and banana yucca.
The higher elevations are dominated by a Pinyon-Juniper Woodland (Upper Sonoran Life Zone), where singleleaf pinyon pineUtah juniper, various chollapricklypear, andhedgehog cactus species, banana yucca, and a variety of knee-high shrubs are common. On the peaks, California juniper replace Utah juniper.

Plants and Wildflowers
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Trees and Woodlands
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January Posts:
Rock-hounds - Spotlight on Jim Healey
Daytrip - Crescent Peak Mine 
Rock-hounds - Spotlight on Blake Smith
Daytrip - Lakeshore Road Scenic Drive, Lake Mead (Part I)
Daytrip - Lakeshore Road Scenic Drive, Lake Mead (Part II)
People & Portraits - My Cousin John
People & Portraits - The Wedding Couple
Triptych - Greylag Goose
Triptych - Great Blue Heron

Cousin John

IMG_2033 (Antique)-2
I took this picture of my cousin John while we were having breakfast on a visit he made to us in March of 2007. I created soft oval edge effect and the “aged newspaper” effect using Paint Shop Pro. Even though it appears a little out of focus, I felt that it somehow added a softness to the “aged” effect that I was trying to create.

The Wedding Couple

Back in March of 2011, while on a hike with the rock hounds from the Heritage Park Senior Center, I took this picture following what appeared to be a traditional Chinese wedding that took place at Red Spring in Calico Basin, just north of Red Rock Canyon. Though a little reluctant, the proud couple relented to my request for a picture. I only wish that I had taken the time to gather some personal information from them so I could send them a copy.

Traditional Chinese wedding customs have been around for thousands of years. Traditional Chinese wedding customs are considered as the foundation of rites in traditional Chinese culture. They may vary from place to place and time to time, but have been holding an important position in the lives of Chinese people, causing a far-reaching impact on the way the Chinese lead their lives.

I don’t pretend to know much about Chinese weddings, however, I was able to gather the following information.Traditional Chinese wedding attire varies greatly, depending on the many ethnic groups. One of the most popular styles is known as Qi Pao, which translates as "Chinese jacket" and was typically worn by brides whose family originated from the northern regions of China. In Chinese culture the color red is critical in representing luck and happiness. The bride usually wears a detailed phoenix crown with pearls adorned into the headdress. The groom's attire, Da Gua, less elaborate when compared to the bride's gown, is usually blue. Grooms also wear a black headpiece adorned with red tassels. Generally, all of the wedding attire is made of silk.

Spotlight on Jim Healey

(NOTE: You can click on any picture to enlarge)
E-P1090723-RAWJim is one of the newest members of our group and joined us for the first time this past week on our hike to the Wee Thump Joshua Tree Wilderness Area and the Crescent Mine in the New York Mountain range along Nipton Road. An avid “birder”, Jim came prepared with all of the necessary gear; sun protection, walking stick, binoculars, and a chair for “waiting out” a sighting. I think this (a chair) is why I never have much luck capturing any good bird pictures. Though I did see what appeared to be a hawk and several sparrows today, they were all too far away for a good shot with my camera. It seems as though you pretty much have to sit, be still and wait for them to come to you. I'm looking forward to having Jim help me identify birds on future hikes.

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Spotlight on Blake Smith

Here are a couple of pictures of Blake Smith that I captured on 01/19/2012, our first hike of the new season. Attending almost all of the Heritage Park’s regularly scheduled rock-hound hikes, Blake is definitely considered one of “the regulars”.  On this day we spent the morning hiking various turn-offs and overlooks along Lake Mead’s Lakeshore Scenic Drive. Click here to view pictures and learn more about this hike - Lakeshore Road Scenic Drive. Always looking for that something special, Blake has been responsible for several of my pictures over the past year by pointing out birds, flowers and other points of interest that I would have missed because my focus and attention was elsewhere. The picture below shows Blake spotting a Great White Heron.