Fire Wave (VOF) - 02/16/2019 Trip Notes

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02/16/2019 Hike Notes: On the way to the parking lot opposite Gibraltar Rock, every turn as you drive through Rainbow Vista Valley presents you with gorgeous jaw dropping views of the colorful desert found at Valley of Fire State Park (Figs. 01-03). Even upon reaching the parking lot, the trailhead for our hike, you are surrounded with beautiful views within only a few walking feet from your car (Figs. 04 & 05). The shot in (Fig. 06) shows Cynthia Pace and Bob Croke getting a rundown of the hike from our guide, Rosa Prasser, Park Interpreter for Nevada Division of State Parks, Valley of Fire State Park. After less than a couple of hundred feet you find yourself at the base of the western side of Gibraltar Rock (Fig. 07). As we rounded the southern tip of Gibraltar Rock we stopped along the way while our guide provided demonstrations on how the sandstone formations were created and discussed some of the vegetation that we passed along the way (Fig. 08). (Notes continued below)

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Notes Continued: As we approached and climbed up the smooth rock surfaces on the way out to the wave, there was some standing water from the previous days rains (Fig. 09). This was the first time I had ever encountered water anywhere along this trail. Looking to the west from where the trail led, you could see the many colored sandstone and rocks that covered this area (Fig. 10). Before we knew it we were looking down onto the fire wave (Fig. 11). Unfortunately, due to the numbers in our group and all the others that had hike to the "wave" it was almost impossible to take a shot without someone or their shadow being in the picture. I actually had to remove people or shadows from each of the pictures in (Figs. 12 thru 14). After hiking back to the trailhead, we stopped at Silica Dome for a few quick shots. In picture (Fig. 15) Bob was explaining to Cynthia how we had hiked down into "fire canyon" (Fig. 16) on a previous hike (Silica Dome). However the highlight of our day was the spotting of nearly 20 desert bighorn sheep just past Mouses's Tank canyon on our way to the visitor center (Fig. 17). Click here for pictures ... Desert Bighorn Sheep - Summary Page.

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