Daytrip - Logandale Trails Recreation Area

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On 01/24/2019 I was accompanied by Jim Herring, Bob Croke and Ron Ziance on a trip to the Logandale Trails Recreation Area. It is twenty-one thousand plus acres and is sandwiched between the Valley of Fire, the Moapa Valley and the towns of Logandale and Overton. Today was a beautiful sunny day in the upper 50's without a cloud in the sky. We decided to drive the 13-mile Logandale Loop Trail that runs the full length of the ancient Aztec red sandstone outcrop that dominates the area. As there are more than 200 miles of designated trails for multiple use of OHV vehicles, we only covered a small portion of its many trails. Along the way we encountered petroglyph sites, dams, bighorn sheep and some of the best sandstone vistas in the area. Click her for pictures and a description of this trip ... Logandale Trails Recreation Area - Summary Page.