Daytrip - Mines in the Mojave National Preserve

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On 01/03/2019, our first trip of the new year was to the 1,600,000 acre Mojave National Preserve. Today's trip consisted of Bob Croke, Ron Ziance and myself. It was a beautiful sunny day with no wind, but cold, in the 40's. We entered the preserve from Nipton Road of the I-15. Our goal for the day was to visit three of the preserves' larger mines; the Morning Star Mine, the Death Valley Mine and the Evening Star Mine. By the end of the day we located all three of the mines and considered it a successful day. The headframe on the left was that of the Evening Star Mine, was the most impressive structure we encountered. Click her for a description and pictures of the three mines we visited ... Mines in the Mojave National Preserve. This was our 2nd trip to this preserve and can't wait to go back again and do some more exploring.