Pioche Nevada - 08/20/19 Trip Notes

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08/20/2019 Trip Notes: On this date four of us, Bob Croke, Jim Herring, Ron Ziance and I went to Pioche to visit Harvey Smith and have lunch. We sat around her place sipping beer and shooting the breeze. After a while we drove to town to have lunch. After lunch we drove to the "million dollar" courthouse and then to some of the mines up on the hills behind the town. Figure 04 is a plaque that detailed information about the building. The closeup in Figure 05 shows the date (1871) it was built embedded into one of the steps. Even though we tried to drive up the road to one of the oldest, largest and deepest of the old mine remains on the side of the hill, our car was unable to successfully make it up the climb (Fig. 06). However, because there are so many mines behind the town, we were able to get to another large mine (Figs. 07 thru 09). As time was getting late and that we faced a 3 hour plus ride home, we had to cut short our exploring and start out drive home. For more information and pictures, check out the Pioche Nevada Summary Page of previous visits ... Pioche NV - Summary Visit Page. On the way home we made a short detour stopping at the Cathedral Gorge State Park (Fig. 10) Cathedral Gorge State Park - 08/20/2019 Trip Notes. All in all it was a long day, but really enjoyed seeing and visiting our friend Harvey Smith.

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