Lower Lost Creek (Falls) - 03/07/2019 Trip Notes

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03/07/2019 Trip Notes: After hiking First Creek Canyon in the morning, and a picnic lunch at the Red Rock Lookout, we decided to check out Lost Creek Falls near Willow Springs to see how the waterfall was flowing. Using my 720mm zoom lens you could actually see the waterfall from the parking lot (Fig. 03). At the beginning of the trail, near the middle of the Red Rock Wash, there is always a great view looking north towards Willow Springs (Fig. 01). After crossing the wash you climb up some rocky steps up into some heavy brush and the area of a natural spring (Figs. 04 & 05). After climbing some more after that you reach the flow coming downhill from the waterfall. For about the fourth time to day, we had to forge flowing water again (Fig. 06). Once we reached the canyon, we could again see the water that was spurting over the cliff and overflow area (Fig. 07). I then tried to capture several people standing in front of the waterfall (Figs. 08 thru 11). The pictures in (Figs. 12 & 13) show portions of the rocky trail on the way back. Everyone enjoyed this relatively short, if not rocky trail.

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