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Directions: There are a couple of ways to gain access to the Little Red Rock area. For our first visit, coming from Henderson we took the I-215 to the Far Hills Exit and headed west. Drive to the end. From here there are a couple of places where you can gain access to the area and the roads leading out to the grouping of the red sandstone outcrops called, Little Red Rock. Refer to the map above to see the trail system of roads (Fig. 2).

Description: There is almost nothing written about this area. The Howard Hughes Corp., which owns the land packed with ancient Indian sites on the edge of the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, has set aside 75 acres that contain petroglyphs and other cultural resources and 200 acres along dry washes. In addition to petroglyphs, there are also ancient shelters, roasting pits used by ancient Indians for cooking and pottery shards, some dating back 1,500 years. Over the past several years there have been numerous instances of damage to the petroglyphs and the area.

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02/23/2019 Visit: Today Jim and I made a visit to the areas just for the purpose of trying to figure out how to get to the area. After finding a way out to the road, we only drove out to within a few hundred yards of the first (southern) outcrop (Figs. 01 and 03). Refer to the Yellow route on the map in (Fig. 02). As riding around the area was not the goal for today's trip here, we then turned around and headed back. The shot in (Fig. 04) was taken driving back out of the area. While out that day we drove around the general area taking pictures of the recent fallen snows ... Snow Pictures of the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. I hope to organize a trip here shortly to explore the area and look for petroglyphs.

02/28/2019 Visit: On this day, Bob Croke, Jim Herring and I came out here to investigate the area and look for some petroglyphs. We even found a better way to get there. see the Directions for this new page. Click here for pictures and a description of this trip ... Little Red Rock - 02/28/2019 Trip Notes.

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