Snow Pictures of the Mountains around the RRCNCA

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This page last updated on 02/22/2019
02/22/2019 Trip Notes: On this day Jim Herring and I decided to ride around the area on his end of town to gather some pictures of the snow that fell over the past couple of days. Even though the fell more than two days ago, there was still enough left in most places to provide us with a few nice "wintry" pictures.  Starting with the Las Vegas Mountains east of where Jim lives (Fig. 01) to Mt. Charleston and Kyle Canyon directly west of his house (Fig. 02), to the mountains that surround the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area (Figs. 03 thru 08), we were able to gather enough pictures to give us the feel of winter in Las Vegas.

(Fig. 01) Las Vegas Mountain Range
(Fig. 02) Mount Charleston Range
(Fig. 03) Calico Hills and the La Madre Range in the RRCNCA
(Fig. 04) Blue Diamond Hills
(Fig. 05) Blue Diamond Hills Trail Ride Area
(Fig. 06) Red Rock Canyon Valley and the La Madre Range
(Fig. 07) Looking south along Blue Diamond Road
(Fig. 08) South on Blue Diamond Road toward Cottonwood Valley
(Fig. 09) Looking south from Little Red Rock area

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