First Creek Canyon - 03/07/2019 Trip Notes

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03/07/2019 Trip Notes: Well, today we got separated for the first time on a hike. Because I just splashed across the water in the wash at the trailhead, Bob, Jim, and Harvey hiked further north up the fast running wash looking for a place where is would be easier to get across. As you can see from the map in (Fig. 02), they went quit a bit further north of the trailhead. When they finally crossed the wash, they then had to head southwest to get back to the First Creek wash. Once they reached it they had to follow it for a way until they were able to cross it and get back on the south side of it. They then followed the wash west until they reached the waterfall. I ended up hiking the main trail to the waterfall. On the way, as usual, there were some nice views walking across the valley (Figs. 01, 03 and 04). About 3/4 of the way out I headed to the southern edge of the cliff that looked down onto the fast-moving wash below (Figs. 05 & 06). Further along there were several places filled with interesting and colorful rocks along the upper edge of the trails that headed west toward the waterfall (Fig. 07). (Notes continued below)

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Notes Continued When I finally reached the location of the falls, I peered over some rocks and got a picture of the small pool of water at the base of the waterfall (Fig. 08). A little further along I reached the spot where the fast-flowing water in the wash was flowing over the pour area (Fig. 09). Crossing over the flowing wash to get to the north side I finally got a picture of the waterfall (Fig. 10). Who says there is no water in the desert? Even though I didn't hike down into the area below as I had done on previous trips, this shot of the waterfall made the trip worth it. At this point I thought the others had already been here and I decided to begin hiking back to the trailhead, when all of a sudden I finally spotted them. We went back to the top of the waterfall together. After walking to the other side again, I captured two pictures of Bob and Jim sitting on the edge of the cliff overlooking the waterfall, taking pictures (Figs. 11 &12). From this same spot the picture in (Fig. 13) is looking northwest toward White Pinnacle Peak (Fig. 13). The closeup in picture (Fig.14) shows the colored "pepples" that have been embedded into the rock over time. The last picture (Fig. 15) was taken on the way back to the trailhead with some clouds over the Calico Cliffs in the Red Rock Park.

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