Daytrip - Ireteba Peaks Wilderness Area

On 04/16/2019 five of us, Jim Herring, Bob Croke, Ron Ziance, Howard Saxon and myself drove our eeps to the Rockefeller Mine in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area east of searchlight. Even though today's weather predicted rain, it turned out pretty good. We spent about 4 hours driving along Rockefeller Road on our way to the Rockefeller Mine, making stops along the way for some scenic picture taking and exploration of some old abandoned mines. Click here for pictures and a description of this outing ... Ireteba Peaks Wilderness Area - 04/16/2019 Trip Notes.


Daytrip - Magical Nipton California

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On 11 April 2019 we visited the rebranded town of Nipton California. Since American Green made an offer to buy this tiny town in hopes of creating the country’s first cannabis-friendly, energy-independent hospitality destination. It plans to spend $2.5 million over the next 18 months transforming Nipton into a town that includes hundreds of hotel rooms, mineral baths, a craft brewery, farm-to-table dining experiences, a cannabis farm, artist-in-residence programs, and plenty of marijuana-related businesses, such as cultivators and glassblowers. Click here for pictures and a description of the changes being made to this town ... Magical Nipton - 04/12/2019 Trip Notes.