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Welcome to my Photo Gallery. As of 2019 there are more than 1,668 posts, most containing multiple pictures. I estimate that there are now more than 7,525 pictures on a wide variety of subjects scattered throughout the site that have received more than 457,965 page views. Because most of the pictures shown here have been captured while hiking areas in and around Las Vegas and the surrounding areas, the site has somewhat evolved into more of a hiking journal; listing and describing the places I have visited. There are eight ways to find information on the site. [1] To locate a page on a specific place or subject by using the SEARCH THIS BLOG box located in the upper left side of the home page. One of the easiest ways to find a particular hiking location is to use one of the "TABS" located at the top of each page. For additional ways to locate specific pages ... {click "Read more >>" below}


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Daytrip - White Owl Canyon

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The Trailhead for the White Owl Canyon is located along Lakeshore Drive in Lake Mead National Recreation Area at the 33 Hole Road turnoff. 33 Hole Road leads to three scenic overlooks, each with a different name. Turn left towards Three-Island Overlook and drive into the parking lot at the end of the road. A trail leads down the steep hill to the flats looking toward the western most edge of Lake Mead. A trail runs south easterly along the flats to what is known as White Owl Canyon. This narrow canyon is over a 1/4 mile long and is known as a roosting place for Barn Owls. Click here for pictures and a description of this hike ... White Owl Canyon - Hike.


Daytrip - Natural Bridge and Spring Hike

A natural bridge is found near the Eldorado Wilderness area just north of Nelson, Nevada. What’s the difference between a natural bridge and a natural arch? Arches are formed by various geological processes, weathering processes but not flowing water. Over time, persistent winds and freeze-thaw action have slowly eroded openings through vertical sandstone blocks. All natural bridges are all formed by flowing water and either spanned a waterway or did so in their past, and hence are a less common feature than an arch. This hike is only 2 miles roundtrip. Click here for pictures and a description of this hike ... Natural Bridge and Spring Hike.


Daytrip - Desert Bighorn Sheep

From US-95, turning left (east) onto NV SR-165 towards Nelson we drove approximately 8 miles to  an unsigned gravel road on the left. There are several areas along this unnamed road that are spots people use for target shooting. Driving past most of them the road splits. We went to the right and followed a very winding sandy wash through what is like a canyon surrounded by mountains on both sides. At about halfway we spotted two large Desert Bighorn Sheep high up on a ridge. Click here for piacures of these sheep ... Desert Bighorn Sheep in Eldorado Mountains