Daytrip - Petroglyph Wash - Arizona

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The Petroglyph wash is located on the northern edge of the Mount Wilson Wilderness area. The 23,900-acre wilderness is stretched out along Wilson Ridge, about 30 miles southeast of Las Vegas in northwestern Arizona. From the Dam drive 19 miles on US-93. Turn left onto the Temple Bar Rd (Mojave Country Rd No. 143). Drive 13 miles until just before it makes a sharp right turn. At this point, leave the paved road and proceed straight ahead (north) towards the lake on Bonelli Landing Road (Road No.74). Drive down and look for AR71, the Cohenour Loop Road. At the point where the road splits, these are dozens of petroglyphs on both sides of the road. Click here for a description and pictures of this trip ... Petroglyph Wash - Arizona.