Daytrip - Mojave National Preserve & Providence Mountain State Recreation Area

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Click toOn 12/14/2018 Jim Herring, Bob Croke and Ron Ziance, decided to take a drive through the Mojave National Preserve on our way to a tour of the Mitchell Caverns (Providence Mountain State Recreation Area). To reach the caverns we drove down through the middle of the Mojave Preserve. The road to Mitchell Caverns is on the eastern flank of the Providence Mountains. The Providence Mountains consist mostly of partially metamorphosed strata of late Paleozoic age - Devonian, Mississippian, and Permian limestone (and marble). Inside, the Mitchell Caverns are filled with speleothems (travertine (calcium carbonate), including columns, stalactites, and flowstone. There is a rare speleothem called a Cave Shield, the largest is the United States. I've divided these areas into two separate pages. Click the two links below to view the pictures and descriptions of these areas.
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