General: First of all, let me say that there are literally dozens of very good books and websites on "hikes" and or "hiking" in and around the Las Vegas area. In spite of this, I decided to add to the fray by publishing two books of my own during 2014. One on hikes in and around Las Vegas and another on petroglyph sites in Clark County. Click here to check them out here ... My Books. Clicking this link to will take you to a page with some of my favorite reference books and sites ... Site Reference Library.   When it came to categorizing the trip pages for this site, I felt that the term "hiking" was too restrictive. Wanting a category that was more inclusive, I chose the term DayTrips. In addition to locations that provide only hiking activities, this category is now able to include a much broader spectrum of activities and locations available to the millions of visitors that visit the Las Vegas area every year. Combining a DayTrip with a night of dining and gambling can not only make a vacation visit more enjoyable and rewarding - it may even save you money in the long run. Site-seeing activities can generally be divided into two basic categories; DayTrips and RoadTrips. For the purposes of this site, a RoadTrip is defined as an extended trip in a motor vehicle involving a minimum of one overnight stay; a DayTrip is defined as any trip that can be accomplished in a single day. Click here to view my Roadtrips and Index.

DayTrip Definition: Using a car or similar mode of public transportation, a DayTrip is a visit to any locale, destination or attraction that can be completed with a round trip from one’s point of origin in a single day. For the purpose of maintaining consistency in providing directions, mileage and other location information, I use the Stratosphere Tower on the Las Vegas Strip as a common “Point of Origin”.

Daytrip Classifications: I have further defined daytrips by placing them into one of two basic classifications, natural or man-made, although sometimes both may apply. To be included it must be a well known or publicly recognized destination or attraction such as a national or state park, historic site, building, trailhead, conservation area, wildlife refuge or off-road pull-off with vehicle accessibility and be recognized for at least one of the following Primary activities:
    • Hiking - A form of walking, undertaken with the specific purpose of exploring and enjoying the scenery. It usually takes place on trails in rural or wilderness areas.
    • Hiking/Rock-hounding - The recreational collecting of rocks and/or mineral specimens from their natural environment.
    • Hiking/Birding - The observing and identifying of wild birds and fowl in their natural habitats.
    • Hiking/Photographing - Site-seeing that involves the taking of pictures of natural elements such as landscapes, wildlife, plants, and close-ups of textures as well as man-made structures in their natural environment.
Daytrip Categories: For searching and locating DayTrips that may meet your personal interests and available time constraints, I have created two Indexes.

The first, SECTION ONE below, lists DayTrips grouped by location. As there are basically only about seven primary roads that lead away from the city of Las Vegas, I have chosen the route numbers of these roads and their general direction as the title heading for daytrips located within that specified area.

The second, SECTION TWO below, lists all daytrips alphabetically by their Classification Type. Following each location title I have further indicated what I consider to be the primary activities for each trip.

---------------------------------------  SECTION ONE -----------------------------------------

Urban Vegas Valley DayTrips - List of eight daytrips within Las Vegas city limits
I-15 (North) Towards Mesquite - List of seven daytrips along this stretch of road
I-15 (South) Towards Jean, Goodsprings and Sandy Valley - List of eight daytrips in this area
NV-159 Towards Red Rock Canyon - List of twelve daytrips around Red Rock Canyon NCA
NV-160 Towards Pahrump and Death Valley - List of fifteen daytrips west of Las Vegas
NV-166 Lake Mead Lakeshore Drive - List of seven stops along Lakeshore Scenic Drive
NV-167 Lake Mead Northshore Road (LMNRA) - List of eleven daytrips along Northshore Dr.
US-93 North Towards Pioche & Spring Valley - List of eleven daytrips along US-93 North
US-93 (South) Boulder City To Arizona - List of eight daytrips along US-93 South.
US-95 (North) Towards Mt. Charleston - List of fifteen daytrips along US-95 and Mt. Charleston
US-95 (South) Towards Laughlin - List of fifteen daytrips along US-95 South Towards Laughlin

--------------------------------------- SECTION TWO ----------------------------------------

DayTrips Listed Alphabetically
Classification Type:

[SP] Notation indicates a Summary Page w/information about multiiple visits
[SS] Notation indicates that the post includes a Slide Show

        Anniversary Mine (Refer to "Lake Mead North Shore Road/Lovell Wash" below)
        Anniversary Narrows (Refer to "Lake Mead North Shore Road/Lovell Wash" below)
        Antelope Canyon: (Though this is an overnight Road Trip, I have also listed it in this index as well)
              Antelope Canyon - Page, Arizona - Hiking-Photography
              My Antelope Canyon Composition - Lava Man - Guarder of the Canyon
        Arizona Hot Springs (Refer to "White Rock Canyon" below)      

        Arrow Canyon Wilderness Area:
             Arrow Canyon Wilderness Area [SP] [SS] - Hiking-Photography
                  More Arrow Canyon Petroglyphs
                  Pahranagat Wash - Upper Arrow Canyon - Hiking-Photography

        Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge:
             Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge [SP] - Hiking-Birding-Photography 
                  Ash Meadows NWR - 10/29/2015 Trip Notes - Hiking-Birding-Photography 
                  Ash Meadows NWR - 11/06/2014 Trip Notes - Hiking-Birding-Photography    

           Ash Springs Rock Art Site (Refer to "Lincoln County Nevada" below)

        Beatty Nevada and the Surrounding Area:
                             Fluorspar Canyon and the Bare Mountains - Hiking-Rock-hounding-Photography
                             Great Beatty Mudmound Fossils - Hiking-Rock-hounding-Photography
                             Ghost Town of Rhyolite NV [SP] - Hiking-Rock-hounding-Photography
                                 Rhyolite Town- Site - Trip Notes for 05/30/2017/b>
                             Gold Ace Mine - Hiking-Rock-hounding-Photography
                             Ghost Town of Carrara Nevada - Hiking-Rock-hounding-Photography     
        Bellagio's Botanical Garden Exhibits (refer to "Las Vegas & Places" category below)
        Bellagio's Gallery of Fine Arts (refer to "Las Vegas Area & Places" category below)

        Bitter Spring Backcountry Byway Road: 
             Bitter Spring Backcountry Byway [SP] - Hiking-Rock Hounding-Photography
                  Colorock Quarry Hiking-Rock-hounding-Photography
                  Buffington Pockets [SP] [SS] Hiking-Rock-hounding-Photography
                  Hidden Valley Hiking-Rock-hounding-Photography
                  Bitter Spring Hiking-Rock-hounding-Photography

        Black Canyon Petroglyph Site (Refer to "Lincoln County Nevada" below)
        Bonanza Trail Hike (Refer to "Cold Creek" below)        
        Boulder City:
             Desert Bighorn Sheep at Hemenway Park
                 Bootleg Canyon: 
                     Bootleg Canyon Summary Page [SP] [SS] - Hiking-Photography
                     Red Mountain Lookout Hike [SP] - Hiking-Rock hounding-Photography
                     Black Mountain Trail Hike [SP] - Hiking-Rock-hounding-Photography
                     Zip Lines at Bootleg Canyon - [SS] - Hiking-Photography

        Bowl of Fire (Refer to "Lake Mead North Shore Road" below)
        Buffington Pockets (Refer to "Bitter Spring Backcountry Byway Road" above)
        Cathedral Gorge State Park (Summary Page)  [SP]-[SS] - Hiking-Birding-Photography
             Cathedral Gorge State Park - Trip Notes for 10/18/2017 Hiking-Birding-Photography
        Caliente Nevada (refer to "Man-made" category below)
        Calico Basin/Red Spring  (Refer to "Red Rock Canyon" below)
        Callville Bay (Refer to "Lake Mead North Shore Road" below)
            Cherum Peak Hike in Cerbat Mts - Hiking-Rock hounding-Birding-Photography

        China Ranch Date Farm:
             China Ranch - Date Farm - [SP] - Hiking-Birding-Photography
                   China Ranch - Trip Notes for 05/20/2015 - Hiking-Birding-Photography

        Christmas Tree Pass Road:
             Christmas Tree Pass [SP] - Hiking-Rock Hounding-Photography
                  Spirit Mountain Wilderness Area: 
                       Spirit Mountain Wilderness Area - Hiking-Rock Hounding-Photography
                  Bridge Canyon Wilderness Area:
                       Bridge Canyon Wilderness Area [SP] -
                       Sacatone Canyon [SS] - Hiking-Rock-hounding-Birding-Photography
                              Grapevine Canyon [SS] - [SP] -Hiking-Rock-hounding-Photography
                              The Granite Outcrops - Hiking-Rock-hounding-Birding-Photography

           Chloride Arizona - Hiking-Rock Hounding-Photography

        Cities, Towns & Places: (Clicking here will take you to an alphabetical INDEX listing Towns & Cities)
        Index of Cities, Towns & Places

        Clark County Wetlands Park (refer to "Las Vegas Area & Places" category below)
        Cold Creek Nevada 
             Cold Creek and Bonanza North Trailhead [SS] [SP] Hiking-Birding-Photography
                    Bonanza Trail Hike- Notes for 07/03/2017
                    Bonanza Trail Hike - Notes for 04/30/2016  - Hiking-Birding-Photography
                    Cold Creek Spring Hike - Hiking-Birding-Photography
Cold Creek Trip Notes for 10/22/2014 - Hiking-Birding-Photography
                    Cold Creek Trip Notes for 10/01/2014 - Hiking-Birding-Photography
                    Cold Creek Horses - Hiking-Birding-Photography
                    Feral Horses at Cold Creek, NV - Hiking-Photography

        Container Park - (refer to "Las Vegas Area & Places" category below)
        Cottonwood Cove - Hiking-Birding-Photography

        Cottonwood Valley and Mountain Springs Pass Area: 
              Cottonwood Valley and Mountain Springs Pass [SP] 
                   Cottonwood Valley Road - 10/29/2016 Trip Notes  - Hiking-Photography
                   Birdspring Peak - Hiking-Birding-Photography
                   Wilson Cliffs - Cottonwood Valley - Hiking-Birding-Photography 
                   Spring Mountain Ranch State Park[SP] - Hiking-Birding-Photography
                   Oak Creek - Wilson's Pimple Loop Trail Hiking-Birding-Photography
                   First Creek Canyon and Falls Hike - Hiking-Birding-Photography
                   Mt Potosi Canyon Rd at Mountain Springs Pass - Hiking-Rock hounding- Photography
                   Potosi Mine - Mount Potosi Canyon Road [SS] - Hiking-Rock hounding-Photography
                   Mount Potosi Summit - Hiking-Rock hounding-Photography
                   Black Velvet Canyon - RRNCA - Hiking-Photography
                   Dawn and Ninetynine Mines - Hiking-Rock hounding-Photography
                   Late Night Trailhead at Cottonwood Valley [SS] - Hiking-Photography
                   Old Spanish Trail - The Armijo Route [SS] - Hiking-Rock hounding-Photography

       Crescent Peak Mine (Refer to "Nipton Rd" below)
       Colorado River Heritage Greenway Park (Go to Photos by Subject) tab and City & Town)
       Container Park in Downtown (refer to "Las Vegas Area & Places" category below)
       Crystal Wash Rock Art Site (Refer to "Lincoln County Nevada" below
       Davis Dam (Go to Photos by Subject) tab and City & Town | Laughlin)
       Death Valley National Park:   
          History of Borax Mining at Death Valley
          Death Valley National Park Flora - Hiking-Photography
          Death Valley National Park [SS] [SP] -Hiking-Photography
                 Billie Mine - Hiking-Photography
                 Ghost Town of Ryan - Hiking-Photography
                 Dantes View - Death Valley - [SP] Hiking-Photography

                 Twenty Mule Team Road - Hiking-Photography
                 Zabriskie Point - Badland Loop Trail - Hiking-Photography
          Furnace Creek Area (Death Valley) [SP] - Hiking-Photography 
                 Borax Museum at Furnace Creek Ranch
                 Harmony Borax Works - Hiking-Photography
                 Golden Canyon - Hiking-Photography
                 Artists Drive - Hiking-Photography 
                 Badwater Basin - Hiking-Photography 
                 Ashford Mill Ruins - Hiking-Photography 
                 Death Valley National Park Flora - Hiking-Photography          
        Deer Creek Picnic Area - Summary Page Hiking-Birding-Photography     
        Desert National Wildlife Range:  
             Desert National Wildlife Range [SP] -
                  Corn Creek Station - DNWR [SS] [SP] - Hiking-Birding-Photography
                  Yucca Peak Fossil Trail - Summary Page - Hiking-Rockhounding-Photography
                       Yucca Peak Fossil Beds Hike - 10/04/2016 Trip Notes
                  Fossil Ridge (North End) - DNWR - Hiking-Rockhounding-Photography

        Delmar Ghost Town (refer to "Man-made" category below)
        Duck Creek Trail - Hiking-Birding-Photography

        Eldorado Valley and Eldorado Canyon: 
             Eldorado Canyon and Nelson Nevada [SP] - Hiking--Rockhounding-Photography
             Eldorado and Cottonwood Valley - 011416 Trip Notes-4wd -
             Highland Range Crucial Bighorn Habitat Area - Hiking-Rockhounding-Photography
             Eldorado Valley and the McCullough - Highland Ranges - Hiking-Photography
             Keyhole Canyon - Hiking-Rock Hounding-Photography
             Nelson's Landing & Place Cove - Hiking-Rock Hounding-Photography
             Techatticup Mining Camp [SS] [SP] - Hiking-Photography
             Techatticup Mine Tour [SS] - Photography

        Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs [SS] [SP] - Hiking-Birding-Photography 
        Goldwell Open Air Museum
        Gold Butte: 
             Gold Butte National Monument - Summary Page [SP] -
                  Falling Man Site at Gold Butte - Hiking-Photography   
                  Black Butte Dam at Gold Butte - Hiking-Photography
                  Devil's Throat at Gold Butte - Hiking-Birding-Photography
                  Gold Butte Townsite at Gold Butte - Hiking-Birding-Photography
                  Kirk's Grotto at Gold Butte - Hiking-Photography
                  Little Findland at Gold Butte Hiking-Photography
                  Mud Wash Road Petroglyphs at Gold Butte - Hiking-Photography
                  Sheep Panel at Gold Butte Hiking-Photography
                  Whitney Pocket at Gold Butte - Hiking-Birding-Photography
        Goldstrike Canyon and Nevada Hot Springs Hiking-Photography
        Goodsprings, Town of and Pioneer Saloon (refer to "Man-made" category below)

        Goodsprings Mining District:
                  Goodsprings Mining District [SP] /Overview
                  Goodsprings Yellow Pine Mining District - Hiking-Rock Hounding-Photography
                  Contact Mine & Pauline Mine [SS] - Hiking-Rock Hounding-Photography
                  Pauline Mine Rd, Rainbow Quarry & Aztec Tank  [SP] Hiking-Rock Hounding-Photography
                        Pauline Mine Road - Trip Notes for 5/13/2017 - Hiking-Rock Hounding-Photography
                        Pauline Mine Road - Trip Notes for 03/18/2014 - Hiking-Photography
                       Aztec Tank - Trip Notes for 02/20/2014 - Hiking-Rock Hounding-Photography
        Grapevine Canyon (Refer to "Christmas Tree Pass Road" above
        Gypsum Cave (Refer to "Lake Mead North Shore Road" below)
        Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve  (refer to "Las Vegas Area & Places" category below)
        Highland Range Crucial Bighorn Habatat (Refer to "Eldorado Canyon" above)
        High Roller at the Linq (refer to "Las Vegas Area & Places" category below)
        Hiko Spring Rock Art Site:
             Hiko Spring (upper) Rock Art Site - Hiking-Rock Hounding-Photography
             Hiko Spring (lower) Rock Art Site

        Hoover Dam [SS] - [SP] Photography

        Ireteba Peaks Wilderness Area - Hiking-Rock Hounding-Photography
        Joshua Tree Wilderness Area (Refer to "Nipton Rd" below)
        Kershaw-Ryan State Park (Roadtrip) - Hiking-Birding-Photography
        Keyhole Canyon (Refer to "Eldorado Valley" above

        Lake Mead Northshore Road:
                             Lake Mead Northshore Road [SS] [SP] -
                             (Lower) LV Wash [SS] - Hiking-Rock hounding-Photography
                             Lava Butte & Rainbow Gardens - Hiking-Rock Hounding-Photography 
                             Kodachrome Road Drive Hiking-Birding-Photography
                             Gypsum Cave - Hiking-Birding-Photography
                             Bowl of Fire [SS] [SP] - Hiking-Photography
                             Northshore Summit Trail - Hiking-Rock hounding-Photography
                             Rogers Spring [SS] - Hiking-Birding- Photography  
                             Redstone Loop Trail/Picnic Area [SS] - Hiking-Photography
                             Callville Bay - Photography
                             St. Thomas Nevada [SS] - Hiking-Photography
                             Valley of Fire [SS]  [SP] -Hiking-Photography
                             Lost City Museum, Overton NV [SS] - Photography
                         Lovell Wash: 
                             Lovell Wash (Mine & Narrows) [SS] [SP] -
                                  Anniversary Mine - Hiking-Rock hounding-Photography
                                  Anniversary Narrows Slot Canyon [SS] - Hiking-Rock-hounding-Photography
                                  Lovell Wash Prospects --Hiking-Rock-hounding-Photography
                                  Lovell Wash Hike (Lower End) - Hiking-Rock-hounding-Photography  

        Lake Mead - Lakeshore Drive:
                             Lakeshore Drive - Lake Mead [SS] [SP] -
                             Lakeshore Drive (Part I) - Hiking-Photography
                             Lakeshore Drive (Part II) - Hiking-Photography
                             Lakeshore Drive (Part III) - Hiking-Photography
                             Historic Railroad Tunnel Trail [SS] - Hiking-Photography
        Late Night Trailhead - RRNCA (Refer to "Cottonwood Valley" above)

       Las Vegas Area Places and Attractions:
             Bellagio's Conservatory Botanical Garden Exhibits - Index;- Photography
             Bellagio's Gallery of Fine Art - Andy Warhol Exhibit - Photography
             Clark County Wetlands Park - Hiking-Birding-Photography 
             Duck Creek Trail - Hiking-Birding-Photography
            High Roller at the Linq
 - Photography
             Neon Museum - North Gallery  - Photography
             Sunset Park  - Hiking-Birding-Photography 
             Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort  - Hiking-Birding-Photography 
             Neon Museum & Boneyard - Photography
             Springs Preserve  - Hiking-Birding-Photography 
             Wildlife Habitat at the Flamingo Hotel & Casino - Photography
        Las Vegas Springs Preserve
              Las Vegas Springs Preserve [SS] - Hiking-Photography-Birding
                       Springs Preserve - Spring Flora Blossoms Hiking-Photography-Birding     
                       Springs Preserve - Butterflies  Hiking-Photography-Birding
              Butterfly Habitat at Springs Preserve Hiking-Photography-Birding
        Las Vegas Wash
               (Lower) Las Vegas Wash [SS] - Hiking-Rock hounding-Photography
                   (Upper) Las Vegas Wash - Hiking-Rock hounding-Photography

        Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort Hiking-Photography
        Lava Butte & Rainbow Gardens (Refer to "Lake Mead North Shore Road" above)
        Liberty Bell Arch (Refer to "White Rock Canyon" below)
        Lincoln County NV -  Petroglyphs (Hyway 93) 
                            Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge - Birding-Photography
                                   Black Canyon Petroglyphs at PNWR [SP] -
                                   Black Canyon Petroglyph Site (Visit One) - Hiking-Birding-Photography
                                   Black Canyon Petroglyph Site (Visit Two) - Hiking-Birding-Photography
                            Crystal Wash Rock Art Site - Summary [SS [SP] - Hiking-Photography
                                   Crystal Wash Rock Art - Main Site Hiking-Photography
                                   Crystal Wash Rock Art - Entrance Site Hiking-Photography
                            Ash Springs Rock Art Site
 [SS] - Hiking-Photography   
                                        Shooting Gallery Rock Art Site  [SS- Hiking-Photography
                            Mt. Irish Archaeological District [SP] -
Echo Rock - Hiking-Rock hounding-Photography
                                   Paiute Rock - Hiking-Rock hounding-Photography
                                   Shaman Knob - Hiking-Rock hounding-Photography
                                   Shaman Hill - Hiking-Rock hounding-Photography
                            White River Narrows Archaeological District
 - Hiking-Birding-Photography
        Logandale Trails Recreation Area [SS] Hiking-Rock Hounding-Photography
            Lost Creek Falls Trail (Refer to "Red Rock Canyon" below)
        Lovell Canyon Road in the Spring Mountains Lovell Canyon:
                             Lovell Canyon Road & Spring Mountains - Summary Page [SP]  

                                  Rainbow Spring Road - Hiking-Rock hounding-Photography 
                                  CC Spring Road - Hiking-Rock hounding-Photography             
                                  Lovell Canyon Trail -  [SP] Hiking-Rock hounding-Photography   
                                  Lovell Summit Road - Hiking-Rock hounding-Photography

        Lovell Wash (Refer to "Lake Mead Northshore Rd/Lovell Wash" above)
        Mike O'Callahan/Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge (refer to "Man-made" category below)
        Mormon Wells Road (Refer to "Yucca Peak Fossil Beds" below)
        Mount Potosi (Refer to "Cottonwood Valley and Mountain Springs Pass" above)
        Mountain Springs Saloon (refer to "Man-made" category below)
        Mt Potosi Canyon Road (Refer to "Cottonwood Valley and Mountain Springs Pass" above)
        Mount Charleston: 
                   Mt. Charleston Area Summary Page) [SS] [SP] 
                              Big Falls Hike - Hiking-Birding-Photography
                              Bristlecone Trail - Summary Page [SS] - 
[SP] - Hiking-Birding-Photography
                              Cathedral Rock - Hiking-Birding-Photography 
                              Deer Creek Picnic Area - Summary Page - Hiking-Birding-Photography
                              Desert View Overlook - Hiking-Birding-Photography   
                              Fletcher Canyon Trail - Hiking-Birding-Photography
                              Kyle Canyon Slots - Hiking-Rock Hounding-Photography
                              Little Falls Trail - Summary Page - Hiking-Birding-Photography    

                              Long Lee Meadows Hiking-Birding-Photography
                              Mt.-Carleston's Quaking Aspens Hiking-Birding-Photography
                              Mary Jane Falls - Hiking-Birding-Photography
                              North Loop Tail - Summary Page Hiking-Birding-Photography
                                   Raintree & Mummy Spring Hike Hiking-Birding-Photography
                              Raintree & Mummy Spring - Hiking-Birding-Photography

                              Resort at Mt. Charleston Hiking-Rock Hounding-Photography
                              Robber's Roost Trail - Hiking-Rock Hounding-Photography
                              Spring Mountains Visitor Gateway - Hiking-Photography
                                     Polarized Light Art by Austine Wood Comarow  
                                  Escarpment Trail - Hiking-Rock Hounding-Photography  
        Nipton Road:  
                             Wee Thump Joshua Tree Wilderness Area - Summary Page [SS]
                                       Joshua Tree (Yucca Brevifolia)

                                       Wee Thump Joshua Tree Wilderness Area - 10/06/2011 Trip Notes
                             Walking Box Ranch - Summary Page [SP] -
    Walking Box Ranch Site Tour Hiking-Photography
                                      Walking Box Ranch Road - Hiking-Rock Hounding-Photography
                             Crescent Peak Mine Road - Hiking-Rock Hounding-Photography
                             Nipton, California - Photography
                             Lucy Gray Mine - Hiking-Rock Hounding-Photography
                            Nippeno Mine - Hiking-Rock Hounding-Photography
        Nelson's Landing [SS] - Hiking-Rock Hounding-Photography
        Neon Museum & Boneyard  (refer to "Las Vegas Area & Places" category below)
        Nevada Mines (Go to Photos by Subject) tab and section (5) Mining Districts, Mines ... )
        Old Spanish Trail - Armijo Route [SS] - Hiking-Rock hounding-Photography
        Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge (Refer to "Lincoln County Nevada" above)      
        Paiute Pow Wows:
             Paiute Pow Wows -Summary Page
                 28th Annual Snow Mountain Pow Wow - Photography
                 22nd Annual Snow Mountain Pow Wow - Photography
                 22nd Annual Southern Paiute Veterans Pow Wow - Photography

        Pahrump, NV (Also listed in "Man-made" category below)
             Pahrump Museum -Photography
             Sanders Family Winery -Photography
             Pahrump Valley Winery -Photography

        Petroglyph/Pictrograph Sites: (Clicking here will take you to an INDEX listing all of the sites I've visited)
        Index Category for Petroglyphs and Pictographs
        Pierce Ferry and South Cove- Hiking-Rock Hounding-Photography
        Pioneer Saloon (refer to "Man-made" category below)     
        Pittman Wash - Henderson Nevada [SS] - Hiking-Birding-Photography
        Rainbow Canyon Scenic Drive - Hiking-Rock hounding-Photography
        Red Rock Canyon:
                              Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area [SS] [SP] -
                                   La Madre Springs Dam [SS] - Hiking-Photography
                                   Lost Creek Falls Lower Trail [SS] - Hiking-Photography
                                   First Creek Trailhead - RRCNCA  - Hiking-Photography
                                   Pine Creek Canyon Trail [SS] - Hiking-Photography
                                   The Keystone Thrust - A Reference Page
                                   Keystone Thrust Fault Trail - RRNCAHiking-Photography
                                   Calico Hills Trail Hike - RRCNCA - Hiking-Birding-Photography
                                   Sandstone Quarry Overlook Trails - Hiking-Birding-Photography
                                   Calico Tanks [SS] - Hiking-Birding-Photography
                                   Calico Basin/Red Spring [SS] -  [SP] -Hiking-Birding-Photography
                                       Red Spring Picnic Area [SS] - Hiking-Birding-Photography
                                       Ash Spring Hiking-Birding-Photography
                                   White Rock Loop Tail - Hiking-Birding-Photography
                                   Wilson Cliffs & Cottonwood Valley - Hiking-Birding-Photography
                                   Willow Springs Canyon/Picnic Area [SS] - Hiking-Photography
                                   Petroglyph Wall Trail at Willow Springs - Hiking-Photography
        Rhyolite Nevada (refer to "Beatty Nevada and Surrounding Area" category above)
        Sandy Valley Road: 
                              Sandy Valley Road [SS] [SP] -
                              The Whale Mine - Hiking-Rock Hounding-Photography
                              The Ingomar Mine - Hiking-Rock Hounding-Photography
                              The Columbia Mine - Hiking-Rock Hounding-Photography
                              The Argentina Mine and Mill - Hiking-Rock Hounding-Photography
                              Table Mountain  - Hiking-Rock Hounding-Photography

        Searchlight Nevada (refer to "Man-made" category below)
        Shooting Gallery Rock Art Site (Refer to "Lincoln County NV" above)
        Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area:
             Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area [SP] -
             Previous Visits to Sloan Canyon - Hiking-Rock Hounding-Photography                                                                 Petroglyphs at Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area 
             Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area
        Snow Canyon State Park (Look under the "Road Trips" tab and Utah)
        Snow Mountain Paiute PowWow - Photography
South Cove & Pierce Ferry - Hiking-Rock Hounding-Photography
        Spirit Mountain (Refer to Christmas Tree Pass Road above)
        Spring Mountain Ranch State Park (Refer to "Cottonwood Valley and Spring Mt Pass Area")  
        Spring Valley State Park (Roadtrip) - Hiking-Rock Hounding-Photography
        St. Thomas Nevada - Summary Page - Hiking-Birding-Photography
        Sunset Park  (refer to "Las Vegas Area & Places" category below)
           Trout Canyon - Hiking-Birding-Photography
        Valley of Fire State Park:  
               Valley of Fire State Park [SS] [SP] -
                    Atlatl Rock, etc. - Trip Notes for 11/13/2011 - Hiking-Photography
                    Duck Rock Trail - Trip Notes for 01/01/2016 - Hiking-Photography
                    Elephant Rock (VOF) - Trip Notes for 04/13/2016 - Hiking-Photography
                    Fire Glow Cave (VOF) - Trip Notes for 04/13/2016 [SS] - Hiking-Photography
                    Fire Wave & Kaolin Wash - 04/23/2015 Trip Notes - Hiking-Photography
                    Gibraltar Rock & Fire Wave - Trip Notes for 01/01/2013 - Hiking-Photography
                    Mouses Tank - Trip Notes for 01/01/2014 [SS] - Hiking-Photography
                    Pinnacles Hike - Trip Notes 01/01/2014 [SS] - Hiking-Photography
                    Rainbow Vista - Trip Notes for 03/14/2012 - Hiking-Photography
                    Rainbow Vista/Fire Canyon Overlook Trails - Summary Page - Hiking-Photography
                         Rainbow Vista- & Fire Canyon Overlook Hike - Trip Notes for 05/18/2017
                     Silica Dome - Trip Notes for 01/30/2014 - Hiking-Photography
                    The Cabins & Fire Wave - Trip Notes for 06/28/2012 - Hiking-Photography
                    Top of World Arch Hike - Trip Notes for 02/13/2016Hiking-Photography
                    Top of World Arch Hike - Trip Notes for 12/13/2013 - Hiking-Photography
                    Top of World Arch Hike - Trip Notes for 12/05/2013 Hiking-Photography 
                     White Domes (VOF) - Trip Notes for 04/13/2016 - Hiking-Photography 
                    Trip Notes for 12/01/2012 (Bighorn Sheep Sighting) - Hiking-Photography 
                     Trip Notes for 03/22/2012 (Bighorn Sheep Sighting) - Hiking-Photography                 
        Walking Box Ranch (Refer to "Nipton Rd" above)
        Wee Thump Joshua Tree Wilderness Area (Refer to "Nipton Rd" above)
        Weiser Ridge and Quarry [SS] - Hiking-Rock Hounding-Photography
        Wildlife Habitat at Flamingo  (refer to "Man-made Las Vegas" category below)
        Wheeler Pass
                            Wheeler Pass Road [SP] -Hiking-Rock Hounding-Birding-Photography   
                            Wheeler Pass via Pahrump [SS] - Hiking-Rock Hounding-Birding-Photography
                            Wheeler Pass via Cold Creek [SS] - Hiking-Rock Hounding-Birding-Photography
                            Side Trips Along Wheeler Pass Road - Hiking-Rock Hounding-Birding-Photography
         White Rock Canyon (Arizona)
              Liberty Bell Arch - Hiking-Rock Hounding-Photography
              Arizona Hot Springs [SS] - Hiking-Rock-hounding-Photography
     Yellow Plug Rock Art Site - Hiking-Photography
     Yucca Peak Fossil Beds (Refer to "Desert National Wildlife Range" above)
      Zion National Park (Go to Roadtrips) Tab/Index)

        Chloride Arizona - Hiking-Rock Hounding-Photography
        Grand Canyon Skywalk - Photography
        Roy Purcell Murals at Chloride Arizona [SS] - Hiking-Rock Hounding-Photography

      California Area:
        Nipton, California - Photography
        The Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating Plant - Ref Information
        Scotty's Castle [SS]  - Hiking-Photography

       Nevada (General):
        Caliente, Nevada (Roadtrip) - Photography
        Delamar Ghost Town - Summary Page
Delamar Ghost Town (Roadtrip) - Hiking-Rock Hounding-Photography
        Goodsprings Nevada - Photography
             Goodsprings Mining District - Hiking-Rock Hounding-Photography
        Hoover Dam [SS] - Photography 
        Historic Railroad Tunnel Trail [SS] - Hiking-Photography
        Laughlin Nevada - Visits to the Avi & Harrah's Resorts
        Lost City Museum [SS] - Photography
        Mike O'Callihan/Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge [SS] - Photography
        Mountain Springs Saloon  - Photography & Beer Drinking 
        Pahrump Valley Winery
       Pahrump Museum
        Pioche NV - Summary Visit Page [SS]  - Hiking-Rock Hounding-Photography 
        Pioneer Saloon - Photography
        Southern Nevada (Spokane) Mine
       Sanders Family Winery
        Searchlight Nevada - A Living Ghost Town- SUMMARY PAGE
        Snow Mountain 22nd Annual Powwow [SS] - Photography
        St. Thomas Nevada [SS] - Hiking-Photography
        Techatticup Mining Camp [SS] - Hiking-Rock Hounding-Photography
        Techatticup Mine Tour [SS] - Photography 
         Duck Creek - Hiking-Birding-Photography