NV-166 Lake Mead Lakeshore Drive

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Daytrips Bordering Lake Mead's Lakeshore Scenic Drive and the Lake Mead National Recreation Area (LMNRA): There are literally dozens of excellent hiking opportunities along Lake Mead’s Lakeshsore Drive (NV-166) (Fig. 01), located along Boulder Basin on the western portion of the vast 1,495,665 acre Lake Mead National Recreation Area (LMNRA). Following the Colorado River corridor from the westernmost boundary of Grand Canyon National Park to just north of Laughlin, Nevada, it includes all of the desert terrain and wilderness surrounding Lake Mead as well as the smaller Lake Mohave reservoirs on the river created by the Hoover and Davis Dams. Click any of the titles below for pictures and detailed information on this beautiful scenic drive.

Overview - Lakeshore Scenic Drive - Lake Mead National Recreation Area
: I have divided this drive into three separate posts. This post provides an overview of the area in general and provides separate links to each of the areas also shown below.

E-P1010910Lakeshore Drive - Part I (LV Bay Overlook to 33-Hole Overlook): Lakeshore Drive runs along the west shore of what is known as Boulder Basin, the western arm of Lake Mead just above the Hoover Dam on the Nevada side. There are a number of scenic overlooks and interesting stops along this 11 mile stretch that provide panoramic views of blue Lake Mead set against a background of colorful rugged mountains. Driving from north to south, are: (1) the Las Vegas Bay Scenic Overlook that provides views of the bay and of Las Vegas Wash which flows into it, (2) the Three Island Scenic Overlook that gazes out at Saddle, Sentinel, and Black islands (and now a number of smaller humps not normally visible when water levels are higher), and (3) 33-Hole Scenic Overlook. Hiking, Birding and Photography
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E-P1010933Lakeshore Drive (Part II) - Long View Overlook to Sunset View Scenic OverlookContinuing on from Part I, there is (4) Rocky Point Scenic Overlook where you can take a walk out on the promontory for a great view of the lake, (5) Long View and Sunset View Overlook where the sun highlights the rock colors in the evening. Lastly there is Boulder Beach and the Las Vegas Boat Harbor and Marina. Hiking, Birding and Photography

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E-P1010655Lakeshore Drive (Part III)- Boulder Beach to the Alan Bible Visitor Center: This section provides pictures and descriptions of Boulder Beach, Las Vegas Boat Harbor and Lake Mead Marina and the Alan Bible Visitor Center. The Boulder Beach location lets you dip your feet into the lake’s chilly waters. The boat harbor and marina provide the opportunity to feed the many ducks, birds and fish that hang around the area. You can also find food and restroom facilities here. The newly renovated visitor center is surrounded by an outside cactus garden, with walking trails, that is filled with desert flora and fauna. Inside are displays, movies and a gift shop with dozens of books on the southern Nevada desert.  Hiking, Birding and Photography
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P1010593Historic Railroad Tunnel Trail: From the trailhead, the hike to the Hoover Dam is about a 3.5-mile hike. The trail follows an old railroad bed through a series of five tunnels on its way to the Hoover Dam. After the fifth tunnel, which runs directly underneath the Lakeview Scenic Overlook, the trail then continues on about another 1.5 miles to the Dam. Along with some beautiful scenic views of Lake Mead, the five 300-foot-long, 25-foot-diameter tunnels that cut their way through volcanic ridges at about 1600 feet, high above Lake Mead  are the main attraction of this hike. Hiking and Photography