Hidden Valley - Bitter Spring Backcountry Byway

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This page last updated on 04/14/2018

(Fig. 01)
Description: The northern end of Hidden Valley can be reached by either hiking the wash that goes past Colorock Cabin or from a trail called the Over-the-Ridge Trail that starts from the campground area at the end of the road just before taking the Colorock Quarry Road. From the cabin, the route drops into the wash and runs upstream into the narrow limestone canyon. The route follows the canyon, winds around, clambers over and around a few boulders, and eventually runs out into Hidden Valley. Its east side can be reached by traveling a half-mile 4WD road off of the Bitter Spring Backcountry Byway Road. Inside Hidden Valley, the area is broad and relatively flat, which makes for easy hiking on old roads. Off the roads, the soil has a high percentage of sand, which makes off-trail walking a bit harder. Red and white sandstone crags dot the valley, and the entire area is overseen by the dark limestone cliffs of the Muddy Mountains. Many native peoples used the area, so keep an eye out for their handiwork.

10/22/2013 Trip Notes: Unfortunately, we did not actually hike down into the valley on this trip. As a result, except for the view in (Fig. 01), the pictures below (Figs. 02-06) are of the sandstone areas located just north and east of the valley.
(Fig. 02)
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(Fig. 06)