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Bellagio’s Conservatory & Botanical Garden – 2019 Autumn Display

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This page last updated on 10/14/2019

(Fig. 01)
Background: This Fall the Bellagio’s Conservatory & Botanical Garden's display celebrates the beauty and wondrous culture of India with golden leaves, soothing waterfalls and, for the first time, two 14-foot exotic elephants. The display, called, The "Indian Summer", begins with the discovery of North America and the weather of early fall. When explorers reached land, they mistakenly believed they had reached India. In their writing, they told of the incredible new world they found with its beautiful warm climate and second harvest. They called it "Indian Summer." Inspired by designer Ed Libby’s travels to India, this display brings to life India’s culture, folklore and festivities through floral and botanical art. The captivating exhibit is Open through November 30, this is a striking departure from previous displays at Bellagio, and is an absolutely captivating exhibit.

Visit Notes: The entrance of the Conservatory are two glittering 24-foot floral arches embellished with rose petals and botanical foliage and ornamented with flames, as fire is considered a purifying and sustaining life force in Indian culture. The gilded arcs lead to a regal mandap, a structure traditionally used for Indian weddings, made from thousands of red, yellow and orange carnations. A bed of colossal pumpkins, ranging in size, and four soothing fountains line the walkway’s edge (Fig. 02). Beyond the archway are At the center of the display are two majestic 14-foot Asian elephants spouting water from their trunks, with blinking eyes and moving tails, wearing colorful blankets made from 20,000 pink and purple roses (Figs. 01 & 03). 

A delicate waterfall fairy dances in front of the pachyderms while two Hanuman deities, a part-human and part-monkey Hindu God known for energy and strength, gather a bountiful harvest in intricate hand-painted, wooden carts. Breathtaking chandeliers resembling Kalire, umbrella-shaped ornaments worn by brides during Indian wedding ceremonies, provide a peaceful glow.

In the South Garden, there is a 28-foot enchanted talking tree that provides shelter for multiple energetic peacocks that call to each other and fluff their feathers among the branches (Fig. 04). At the base of the tree trunk, there is a family of wily foxes perches on top of a magical carpet and frolics around a blue and gold decorated lamp (Fig. 05) while a striking array of oversized glistening oak leaves and dragonflies flutter overhead (Figs. 06 & 07). The color and detail of the overhead dragonflies are absolutely stunning.
(Fig. 02) Jim Herring in the center of the archway
(Fig. 03)
(Fig. 04)
(Fig. 05)
(Fig. 06)
(Fig. 07)

(Fig. )
(Fig. )
(Fig. )
Visit Notes Continued: In the North Garden, there are two 25-foot tigers made from yellow lentils, red and black cargo rice and caraway seeds keep a watchful eye over the garden. A gentle rain curtain pours over a fallen log, providing a perch for one observant tiger, while birds of paradise and cattails offer a hiding place for the other Bengal. Three floral sculptures made from more than 2,000 vibrant roses rest on the edge of the pond.



Daytrip - Oatman Arizona - A Follow Up

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On 10/10/2019 Jim herring and I went back to Oakman with Bob Croke and Ron Ziance, neither of whom had ever been there before. The main purpose of this visit was to spend more time exploring its mine sites and try to gather more pictures and information about them. Here are some of the pictures we got and details we gathered. Check it out here ... Oatman Arizona - Trip Notes for 10/10/2019.


Daytrip - Oatman Arizona

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On 09/12/19 Jim Herring and I took a trip to Oatman Arizona via the Labyrinths in Laughlin NV. Click here to view their page ... Labyrinths in Laughlin-NV. We were not overly impressed by the labyrinths in Laughlin, but really enjoyed Oakman. Click here for the page on Oatman, Arizona ... Oatman Arizona. Even though we tried to visit some of the old gold mines, there was more to explore. I am planning on another trip in the near future.