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Welcome to my Photo Gallery. With more than 1,438 posts and counting, many containing multiple pictures, I estimate that there are now more than 6,150 pictures on a wide variety of subjects scattered throughout the site that have received more than 301,088 page views. Because most of the pictures shown here have been captured while hiking areas in and around Las Vegas, the site has somewhat evolved into more of a hiking journal; listing and describing the places I have visited. There are five ways to find information on the site. [1] To locate a page on a specific place or subject, use the SEARCH THIS BLOG box located in the upper left side of the home page. For additional ways to locate specific pages ... {click "Read more >>" below}


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Cathedral Gorge State Park - Trip Notes for 10/18/2017

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This page last updated on 10/18/2017


Park Description: Cathedral Gorge State Park is a public recreation and nature preserve area featuring a gorge eroded through soft bentonite clay near Panaca, Nevada.  In 1935 it was established as one of the four original Nevada state parks. The park sits at an elevation of 4,800 feet above sea level, and is typically arid with semi-hot summers, and very cold winters. The state park covers more than 1,600 acres along U.S. Route 93.  A majority of Meadow Valley was covered by a freshwater lake nearly 1 million years ago during the Pliocene Era. The richly colored canyons of Cathedral Gorge (seen in Fig. 01 above) are remnants of this ancient lake-bed. Over centuries, the lake began to gradually drain. Erosion began working away at the exposed portions of sediment and gravel that once composed the lake bottom. Rainwater and melting snow carved rivulets in the soft siltstone and clay shale, splitting tiny cracks and fissures into larger and larger gullies, caves and canyons.


10/18/2017 Trip Notes: On the return of a recent trip to Pioche, Nevada, Harvey Smith and I decided to visit Cathedral Gorge for a second time to capture a few more pictures. I find the unique geology of this park to be fascinating and always worth a stop. As we walked around the area and hike into several of its many 'caves', I ended up with a treasure trove of interesting pictures. Figure 2 above shows the entrance of one of the largest caves we entered. They run anywhere from 25 to 75 feet deep into the cliff side. Looking up, there are openings at the top of these caves whose walls stretch as much as 100 feet high (Fig. 03). By the time you get to the end, the temperatures are 15-degrees cooler than the outside temps. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX




Daytrip - Mt Charleston Wilderness Area

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On 09/30/2017 Jim Herring, Connie and I made a daytrip of driving around the 57,442 acre Mt. Charleston Wilderness AreaThe purpose of our trip was to locate and photograph some Quaking Aspen (Populus tremuloides) trees and have a picnic lunch. Due to recent drops in temperatures, we guessed that it was about time for the broad trembling leaves of these white-barked deciduous trees to be turning. As you will see from the pictures in this post, we guessed the right time. If you want to enjoy these fall colors, I would suggest that you make a trip to here within the next several days. Click here to see this post ... Mt. Charleston's Quaking Aspens.

RoadTrip - Grand Canyon Railway

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At the beginning of March in 2009, we took a trip to the South rim of the Grand Canyon National Park. After driving to Williams, Arizona, we took the Grand Canyon Railway that travels 65 miles to the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park. A recent review of my site revealed to me that I had never taken the time created a page to showcase the pictures of this momentous occasion. The link that follows is the result of a recently posted page to cover this unique journey ... Grand Canyon Railway.