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Welcome to my Photo Gallery. With more than 1,515 posts and counting, many containing multiple pictures, I estimate that there are now more than 6,350 pictures on a wide variety of subjects scattered throughout the site that have received more than 338,971 page views. Because most of the pictures shown here have been captured while hiking areas in and around Las Vegas, the site has somewhat evolved into more of a hiking journal; listing and describing the places I have visited. There are five ways to find information on the site. [1] To locate a page on a specific place or subject, use the SEARCH THIS BLOG box located in the upper left side of the home page. For additional ways to locate specific pages ... {click "Read more >>" below}


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February 2018 Posts (by Category & Title)
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Slideshow of Flower Pictures

Recently I created a slideshow of various flower and cacti pictures that I captured on some of my hikes over the past couple of years. This slideshow contains 39 slides and only takes 5 minutes and 27 seconds to view on my YouTube site. Check it out below:


Daytrip - Calico Tank Hike (RRCNCA)

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On 04/04/2018 Jim Herring and I decided to hike the Calico Tank hike. Even though the day started out overcast, it was in the 80's and quite comfortable and cleared up by the end of the hike. Even though I hiked this trail five years ago, I found it much more difficult this time around. Unfortunate, we should have waited until the end of April or until May. There was very little in the way of vegetation that was blooming. In spite of this, it was a good workout and the views made it well worth the effort. Click here for pictures and a description of this hike ... Calico Tank Trail (RRCNCA).


Daytrip - Tufa Beds at the TUSK

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On 03/28/2018, Bob Croke, Cindy Pace and myself had a guided hike of the proposed hiking trails of the tufa beds inside the Las Vegas Fossil Beds National Monument. Our hike was provided by Sandy Croteau, VP/On-Site Chairman of POTS. We hiked about 3.4 miles. As we hiked along our guide provide information about many of the plants that we encountered; a geologist provided information about the creation of the topography and the surrounding mountains. Click here to see pictures and a description of this hike ... Tufa Bed Trails (TUSK) - Trip Notes for 03/28/2018.