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Welcome to my Photo Gallery. With more than 1,552 posts and counting, many containing multiple pictures, I estimate that there are now more than 6,490 pictures on a wide variety of subjects scattered throughout the site that have received more than 363,892 page views. Because most of the pictures shown here have been captured while hiking areas in and around Las Vegas, the site has somewhat evolved into more of a hiking journal; listing and describing the places I have visited. There are five ways to find information on the site. [1] To locate a page on a specific place or subject, use the SEARCH THIS BLOG box located in the upper left side of the home page. For additional ways to locate specific pages ... {click "Read more >>" below}


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June 2018 Posts (by Category & Title)
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May 2018 Posts (by Category & Title)
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NEW - Pitman Wash - Pittman Wash -Visit Notes for 05/19/2018

April 2018 Posts (by Category & Title)
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Daytrip - Pittman Wash

On 5/19 Bob Croke, Jim Herring and I walked the Pittman Wash with 12 other persons on a guided tour led by members of the Project Green: Friends of Pittman Wash. Our leader provided information on the Eco system of the wash, how it works, what aquatic animals can survive, and about the kinds of plants and their importance in supporting the aquatic habitat and other animals that are rarely seen. Click her for pictures and more information about this outing ... Pittman Wash - Visit Notes for 05/19/2018.


Daytrip - Las Vegas Springs Preserve

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On 04/27 Jim Herring, Blake Smith and myself visited the Springs Preserve for some picture taking. We started out having lunch in the Divine Cafe. After lunch we spent several hours walking around the botanical gardens and then stopped by the butterfly habitat taking pictures. Even though I have been here several times, I always seem to come away with some nice pictures.Click here for pictures and a description of this trip ... Las Vegas Springs Preserve


Spring Flower Video Slideshow

Recently I created a slideshow of various flower and cacti pictures that I captured on some of my hikes over the past couple of years and can view it on YouTube. This slideshow contains 39 slides and only takes 5 minutes and 21 seconds to view on my YouTube site. You can check it out below: