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Destination: The Techatticup Mining Camp at Eldorado Canyon, NV.
Distance from Point of Origin: 46 miles from Las Vegas.
Estimated (One Way) Travel Time: 65 minutes.
Directions: The Techatticup Mining Camp and mine are situated about four miles southeast of The town of Nelson. From the Stratosphere Casino head northeast on Las Vegas Blvd about 3 miles and turn right onto US-515/93/95 south towards Boulder City. Follow US-93/95 for 17 miles and then merge onto US-95 South (Veterans Memorial Hwy) toward Searchlight/ Laughlin/Needles. Travel about 10 miles until you come to NV-165 on your left! Once past the town of Nelson, continue winding downhill until you reach the Techatticup Mining Camp.

General Description: This mining camp was established in 1861. There is a general store, an old barn filled with antiques, and a variety of old mining camp buildings in various stages of restoration.   The Spaniards made the original discoveries of gold in this area that is now Eldorado Canyon. A hundred years later the prospectors and miners of the day took over and established the notorious Techatticup Mine which became the oldest, richest and most famous gold mine in Southern Nevada. Along with others in the area, it produced an estimated 250 million dollars in gold, silver, copper and lead.
Special Attraction or Points of Interest: This is also the location of the Eldorado Canyon Mine Tours of the Historical Techatticup Mine. The tour is about 1 hour in length and costs $12.50/person with a minimum of four persons. Reservations: 702:291-0026. See also, Daytrip - The Techatticup Mine Tour.
Primary Activity: Photography
Secondary Activities: Hiking and Rock-Hounding 

Elevation: est. 2,400 ft.
Best Time To Visit: Open year round. As the Nevada Summer’s get quite hot, obviously the Fall, Winter and Spring months would be the most comfortable. In the summer months when temperatures are in the 100's, the mine stays at a cool 75-degrees.
Difficulty: Walking conditions around the immediate property and inside the mine would be considered easy. Hiking in some of the surrounding mountain areas could be classified as moderate to strenuous. Cautions: The area is know to have a lot of rattlesnakes.
Facilities: There are outside porta-potty facilities and the store sells water and soda.
Estimated Round-trip Time: 3-1/2 hours including the mine tour.

Trip Visits: I have been to this popular place on at least seven times. On four occasions I have taken visiting company here for the one hour mine tour. Here is a link to my page on the mine visits ... Techatticup Mine Tour. Other visits were just to take journeys back into time. The owner is always expanding and adding interesting things to the site that make great picture taking opportunities. Other visits are listed below:

05/27/2017 Trip Notes: On this visit, I came here with my cousin John for the expressed purpose of taking pictures. Over the years this was our second o third visit to this unique site. As they are always adding additional buildings, old cars, and hundreds of early 1900's era antiques, the photographing opportunities never disappoint. Click here for pictures and a description of this visit ... Techatticup Mining Camp - Trip Notes for 05/27/2017

11/19/2011 Trip Notes: Because there is so much to see and photograph around the ‘mining camp’ property itself, I have created this separate post. Every time I visit here I find something new to photograph.  I placed all of today’s pictures in the slideshow at the bottom of the post. Here is a sampling of what I captured today. At an elevation of roughly 2,000 feet this valley inside the Eldorado Mountains offers ideal growing conditions for the Jumping Cholla Cactus (Opuntia bigelovii).

I love being here either in the early morning or late afternoon when you can capture the sun as it shines through these cacti, giving them a golden glow that makes them  appear as soft and ‘fuzzy’, resembling the fuzzy arms and legs of a teddy bear, thus the name Teddy Bear Cholla. But don’t be fooled. Its sharp spine-like thorns are extremely sharp and easily go through heavy clothing and end up sticking right into your skin.   .

The joints readily break off and will often root to form a new plant. As seen by the photo on the right, the ground about mature plants is usually littered with many dead or sprouted joints between three and five inches long and up to four inches in diameter. A fully matured Cholla can grow to more than seven feet tall. Read more here … Jumping Cholla

I also captured the mature Buckhorn Cholla  This cholla is similar to Silver Cholla, but in Buckhorn Cholla, the mature stem segments generally are longer than 6 inches, while those of Silver Cholla are less than 4-inches long. A mature plant can be about 5 to 10 feet in high. The one on the left was nearly six feet high. Read more here … Buckhorn Cholla (Cylindropuntia acanthocarpa)
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On this visit I had fun roaming the property taking pictures of old farm equipment, vehicles, ore wagons, ‘spare tires’, etc. Having realized that I have taken similar pictures at various places in the past, it even got me to thinking of creating another subject category dedicated to these types of pictures from the past. Check out this post ... Wagon Wheels - Need A Spare?.

04/02/2011 Trip Notes: I came here with my cousin John for the expressed purpose of taking the mine tour. After the tour of the mine we walked the property for more than an hour looking for photo opportunities, the results of which I put in the slideshow at the bottom of this post.

Techatticup Mining Camp Map2

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Slideshow Description: The slideshow above contains 91 pictures that were taken on several different visits to the mining camp.