Terrazza Park

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This page last updated on 01/30/2018
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Description: Henderson's newest park, at a cost of more than $5 million, Terrazza Park is located at 1992 Galleria Drive near Lake Las Vegas. It has a basketball court, open turf area, picnic areas and access as a trailhead with access to the Wetlands Connector Trail and Clark County Wetlands Park (Fig. 02).

01/31/2018 Visit Notes: Bob Croke, Harvey Smith and I decided to walk this morning along the Las Vegas Wash from the Terrazza Park. We met about a mile and a quarter west of Terrazza Park, at the Wells Trailhead (Fig. 02), also located off of the newly paved Galleria Drive (04). This trailhead provides a parking lot, restrooms, shaded picnic areas and a short walk through the desert scrub habitat that leads you to a hilltop viewing area with benches (Fig. 04). This scenic overlook (Fig. 05) high above the Las Vegas Wash, provides enjoyable vistas of Las Vegas. Near the eastern end of the Clark County Wetlands Park, trails to the west and east connect to the Wetlands Park loop trail, as well as the River Mountains Loop trail. Over the years this property has been severely damaged by erosion from the Las Vegas Wash and they are doing a lot of planting in an effort to prevent soil erosion. We left one car here so we wouldn't have to hike the same trail back.

We then drove to the Terrazza Park and began our hike (Fig. 06). If you walk east of the parking lot you pass a small waterfall area (Fig. 07) on the way to a heavy steel grate (Fig. 08) where the wash appears to disappear into the two tunnels that run under Lake Las Vegas on its way to Lake Mead. Read more about the wash and Lake Las Vegas here ... Lake Las Vegas and Las Vegas Wash. We then walked back up the wash to the park.Back at the park we began our hike by heading west toward the steel bridge that crosses the wash (Fig. 01). (notes con't below)
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Hike notes continued:  As we walked across the bridge, the noise of the water running over the stones in the wash was extremely loud. There were even a few birds perched on the edge of the stones (Fig. 10). We walked until we reached a man-made falls (Fig. 11). Refer to the map in Figure 2. We then backtracked across the bridge and hiked the Wetlands Loop South trail up the wash to the  to the Wells Trailhead. Though this was not an overly interesting hike, we did see many birds and ducks (Fig. 12), a couple of great blue herons, and spotted a couple of wild coyotes (Figs. 13-15). I guess the coyotes were the highlight of the day. We then retrieved the car at the Wells Trailhead and drove back to Terrazza Park and had a picnic lunch. All toll we walked over 3 miles. All it all, it was a beautiful sunny day in the upper 50's. 
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