Lovell Wash Prospects – Trip Notes for 01/23/2014

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(Fig. 01)
Anniversary Mine Road-2
(Fig. 02)
01/23/2014 Trip Notes: Today I went back for yet another visit to the Anniversary Mine and Lovell Wash with the rock-hounds from Henderson’s Heritage Park Senior Facility. As this was my fourth visit to this area, I was looking for some place different to hike. While the majority of the group hiked to Anniversary Narrows, four of us decided to hike up to a group of mine prospects, seen in (Fig. 01) and the two red dots on the map in (Fig. 02), that we spotted on the west side Anniversary Mine Road and Lovell Wash, about halfway between North Shore Road and where the end of Anniversary Mine Road enters the wash. The hike from the road, across the desert (foreground in Fig. 01) down into the wash dropped about 100 feet in elevation. After crossing the wash, the relatively steep hike up the hillside to the highest of the two prospects was an elevation gain of slightly more than 200 feet. From this elevation, the view north (Fig. 03), looking back over Lovell Wash, the desert valley that we had just climbed; with the Gale Hills at the south edge of the Muddy Mountains in the background, was expansive.  Running nearly 50-60 feet straight into the hillside (Fig. 04), this prospect proved to be the most interesting of the two. Though we found nothing unusual inside (Figs 05 & 07), there was a birds nest (Fig. 06) high on the wall at the end of the adit. Looking due south from the front of this prospect (Fig. 08) revealed another prospect that is hidden from the road. This turned out to be an open area that was either dug or blasted out of the mountain ridge. After following a use trail around this ridge we located the other prospect (Fig. 09) that had been visible from the road. Unfortunately, this adit only went about 30 feet into the hillside and provided very little to explore. A climb to the steep jagged ridgeline above this last prospect revealed some very nice views down into another deep tributary wash (Fig. 10) that ran down into Lovell Wash (Fig. 11), several hundred yards below our initial crossing point. Once we got back down to the wash, we decided to head north (Fig. 12), hiking up to wash to Anniversary Mine Road, rather than climbing out and retracing our earlier route (The green line on the map in Fig. 02). As you can see from (Fig. 13), we found some very colorful geology along the way.
(Fig. 03)
(Fig. 04)
(Fig. 05)
(Fig. 06) 
(Fig. 07)
(Fig. 08)
(Fig. 09)
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