Lovell Summit Road, Spring Mountains

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(Fig. 01)
04/26/2012 Trip Notes: Today’s trip to Lovell Canyon with the rock-hounds from the Henderson Heritage Park’s Senior Facility was shrouded in low hanging clouds and threatening rain as evidenced by the picture in (Fig. 01) above. The good news being that we ended the day with no rain to dampen our hiking experience. Having hiked the Lovell Canyon Trail more than once, a couple of us decided to hike to the top of Lovell Summit Road. After a couple of miles, Buster and I decided to hike down into a small stream bed that seemed to be following the road, while Blake continued up the road to what he later described as some awesome vistas. As Buster and I hiked downhill we were presented with a variety of vegetation that was fed by this small stream. It was very unlikely that those in the group that hiked the Lovell Canyon Trail ever saw any of the color that we were able to observe walking this stream. In addition to the surrounding trees, there were moss covered rocks ((Fig. 02), several large patches of clover (Fig. 03), small flowering plants (Figs. 04 & 06), as well as wild grasses and numerous cactus (Fig. 05). Unfortunately, about halfway down the running water in this small stream disappeared as it continued underground.
(Fig. 02)
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Just before reaching the main parking area, we found a trail that headed south up the side of a small mountain that provided great views of Lovell Canyon (Fig. 07), the Torino Ranch (Fig. 08) and the ensuing valley that lies east of the main trail. Unfortunately, the overcast day and cloud cover prevented me from capturing any really good pictures. On our way out of the area we stopped at one of the Lovell Canyon Road pull-offs that is an extremely popular spot for skeet shooting and target practice. Though this spot is somewhat “trashed” from all of the debris left behind by disrespectful shooters, it still offers some spectacular views. The picture in (Fig. 09) is a shot of our van looking southwest.
(Fig. 07)
(Fig. 08)
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(Fig. 09)