WET Design Installation "Halo" at Crystals

This page last updated on 03/24/2018

The Artists: These fountains were created by WET, the design firm responsible for the fountains at Bellagio and The Volcano at Mirage. WET, also known as WET Design, is a water feature design firm based in Los Angeles, California. Founded in 1983 by former Disney Imagineers Mark Fuller, Melanie Simon, and Alan Robinson, the company has designed over two hundred fountains and water features using water, fire, ice, fog, and lights. and holds more than 60 patents pertaining to lighting, water control, and specialty fountain devices that use air compression technology.

The Installation: Stationed in Crystals, Halo is an attraction that invites pedestrians to walk among 50 columns of swirling water encapsulated in clear cylinders. High-power motors spin the water into vortices, producing a mesmerizing tornado effect. Colored lighting beneath the feature turns the water various shades of blue, green, red and gold. The cylinders are of various heights and some are sloped. Because the water vortices naturally move to achieve verticality, the sloped enclosures produce unusual twisting patterns. Twenty of the cylinders are above ground, but 30 are below floor level, giving pedestrians the opportunity to peer down into each vortex. Because the feature is programmed with changing water levels and the motors switch directions, the patterns are constantly in motion.