Richard Long Installations "Circle of Chance” & "Earth" at Veer Towers

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The Artist: English, Richard Long was born in Bristol, England, 1945. He studied at the University of the West of England's College of Art during the years of 1962–1965, then to Saint Martin's School of Art, London during 1966–1968. Within a year after he graduated from St Martin's, the artist became closely associated with the emergence of Land Art; a movement in which landscape and the work of art are inextricably linked. Known as one of Britain’s best-known sculptors and conceptual artists, the majority of Richard Long’s works, inspired by natural landscapes, are created using natural materials such as wood and stones. Over the past 40 years he has extended his concerns to encompass photographic and text-based work, sculptures made in stone and wood, small-scale works using handprints and fingerprints on paper and driftwood, and monumental wall drawings made using mud and china clay. 

The Installation: Across from the Typewritter Eraser, the connecting walkway area is a great spot to view the two 72-foot by 54-foot hand applied diluted River Avon mud wall paintings by Richard Long, visible through the lobby windows of the Veer Towers across the street. For Long, the natural world provides both the palette and the canvas on which he manifests his earthworks. Circle of Chance, 2009 and Earth, 2009 in the Veer Towers Lobbies. You can either view from across the street or get a closer look from wirhin the Lobbies. In the case of the Veer Towers, he brings the outside in. These large-scale commissioned works, are two enormous mud paintings, nearly seventy two feet tall. In each of these two awe-inspiring wall drawings, one encounters his energetic use of mud from the River Avon. For these works, Long created a viscous paint by diluting mud and then carefully applying it to the walls with his own hands, resulting in extraordinary images fashioned from purely mundane materials. Long transported the mud to Las Vegas from the River Avon, which runs through his home town of Bristol, England.

“Circle of Chance” 2009, 72 x 54 feet 
“Earth” 2009, 72 x 54 feet