Peter Wegner Installation "Day for Night, Night for Day, 2009" at Vdara

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The Artist: Peter Wegner is an American artist and was born is Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He earned his BA at Yale University. He works in multiple media, ranging from paintings and photography to large-scale installations and wall works. His pieces are included in major public and private collections worldwide. He currently works in Barkley California with his wife and child.

The Installation: The physicality of paper is brought a step further, nestled into the facing walls of Vdara’s soaring concierge lobby. “Day for Night, Night for Day” is comprised of two wall pieces: one solar-themed and one lunar-themed, represented on the east and west walls in the lobby to correspond with the rising and setting of the sun. A hanging light sculpture designed by the Wegner is suspended between the pieces to encourage “dialogue” between them. “Day for Night” soars to approximately 45 feet while “Night for Day” reaches approximately 34 feet high. It is framed with limestone, 465" x 126" x 8". These two grided stacks of blue and red have both the color balance of a great painting and the physical presence of a powerful sculpture. The two installations are comprised of 1.7 million sheets of postcard-size colored paper (Fig. 01) stacked 45 feet high (solar) and 35 feet high (lunar).  They were installed using a cherry picker. This commission is Wegner’s largest work of art to date.