Tatsuo Miyajima Installation "HOTO" at Crystals,

This page last updated on 03/24/2018

The Artist: Tatsuo Miyajima is Japanese, and was born in 1957. He is an internationally acclaimed artist known for his use of LED counters that merge philosophical appreciation of life with latest human technologies.

The Installation: In his works, the digit counters flash in continual and repetitious cycles between 1 and 9 and represent a never-ending cycle of life, a network which expands to an immersive sea of light. His theory derives from partially from humanist ideas, the teachings of Buddhism, as well as from his core artistic concepts of "Keep Changing", Connect with All" and "Goes on forever." In a Buddhist tale, HOTO - literally meaning, "treasure pagoda" - refers to a gigantic lower half as big as the earth, and signifies the importance of a single human life. In the story, it emerges from the ground and floats in midair and shines vibrantly in seven jewels. "I dedicate this HOTO for you to sense the miracle within you, and hope that your thoughts will extend to the miracle with the others".
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