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Nevada Mining Districts

Unknown Mining District
     Anniversary Mine - Lovell Wash
Bullfrog Mining District [Bullfrog Mining District]
     Gold Ace Mine
     Carrara Marble Mine
Crescent Mining District
     Nippeno Mine
Gold Point District of Esmarada County [Gold Point District]
     Great Western Mine & Mill
     Seibeck Mine
     Townsite Shaft and Orleans Mine
Goodsprings Mining District - North [Goodsprings Mining District - North]
     Potosi Mine
     Contact Mine & Pauline Mine
     Red Cloud Mine - Goodsprings (North) Mine District
     Pilgrim Mine - Goodsprings (North) Mine District
     Unknown Mine
Goodsprings Mining District - West [Goodsprings Mining District - West]
     The Green Copper Mine
The Middlesex Mine  
     Yellow Pine Mine
The Prairie Flower Mine
     The Yellow Pine Extension Mine 
     Keystone Mine
     Iron Gold Mine & Lavina Mine

     Sandy Valley Road Mines (North Side) [Sandy Valley Rd Mines (North Side)]
          The Whale Mine
          The Ingomar Mine
Goodsprings Mining District - South [Goodsprings Mining District - South]
     Sandy Valley Road Mines (South Side) [Sandy Valley Road Mines (South Side)]
          The Argentena Mine & Mill
          The Columbia Mine
          Crystal Pass Mine
          Ireland Mine
          Llincoln Mine
Searchlight Mining District
     Southern Nevada (Spokane) Mine
Sunset Mining District [Sunset Mining District]
     Lucy Gray Mine