Iron Gold Mine & Lavina Mine

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 From Las Vegas, take the I-15 south to Jean, take Exit 12 and then turn right onto NV-
161, heading northwest towards Goodsprings.  Just before entering Goodsprings, turn left onto Sandy Valley Road, heading west. Then take your first right onto Columbia Mill Road heading north toward Goodsprings.  Then take you first left onto Reimann Road heading northwest. Take your 2nd right, past the utility road, onto an unmarked 4WD dirt road. After a few hundred yards bear left toward the Iron Gold Mine (Fig. 02).

Mine Description:The Iron Gold Mine is located in the Goodsprings Mining District, west of Goodsprings NV, in Clark County. Refer to the location and (yellow) route on the map in (Fig. 02). The minerals extracted were gold, silver, copper, lead, and zinc. Lead and zinc were the primarily minerals removed, and the others were beneficial byproducts of the zinc & lead extractions. Nevada has been a major producer of lead and zinc over the past century and a half, both of which play important roles in our economy. Most of the mines in this district were originally located in the 1880s, but were worked intermittently as late as the 1950's.

02/15/2016 Trip Notes: As we drove up the road to the mine, we were presented with the view in (Fig. 01). When we reached the lower end of the site, we parked the truck and hiked up to the upper end of the site and the end of the road, marked "C" on the picture in (Fig. 01) and shown in (Fig. 03). It was clearly evident that this area had been bulldozed by the BLM. Though we couldn't find any open audits or shafts, Bob found a post that appeared to be some type of site boundary marker. The view in (Fig. 04) was taken from the top of this hill, is looking back down the ravine and the access we drove (Reimann Road) to get to the mine site. On the way back down this road we found some wood remains and what appeared to be two building foundations (Fig. 05). Just below this there was a corrugated steel water tank, marked "B" on (Fig. 06), buried into the ground with the writing, "Manufactured by J.F. Holbrook Co. Los Angeles, Cal". (con't below)
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Notes Continued: Just east of the water tank there was a very unusual natural outcropping of rock that was difficult to explain (Fig. 07). At one end someone had planted what is without the doubt the strangest memorial marker I have ever encountered. This welded steel marker is made from four inch rectangle tube. It was inscribed using welding. It read, "Barry P Clark 1933 - 2007 If you ever met him you liked him - If you knew him you loved him". We then hike to the bottom of the ravine (Fig. 08), we began hiking around the tailing piles and hillsides in search of evidence of any audits or shafts (Fig. 09). Our search finally led us to an open audit (Fig. 10), located in the spot marked "D" on (Fig 01) above. Though this audit has been filled, there was evidence of shoring inside the opening. Climbing the hill northeast of this opening I found evidence of a fenced area that had been the site of a shaft (Fig. 11), that, once again, had been filled in by the BLM. The picture in (Fig. 01) was taken from spot, looking back at the main area of the mine site. Having thoroughly explored this area, we finally decided to go leave this mine and head over to its next door neighbor, the Lavina Mine (refer to the map in Fig. 02). The Lavina mine was located in 1903. The workings included a tunnel and an inclined shaft. Later, another shaft was sunk vertically to a depth of 130 feet and then at 60 degrees to 175 feet, and several drifts were run. Today there is only evidenced of a shaft that has been bulldozed shut. More Nevada history destroyed by the BLM. Typical of government, punish the majority for a few idiots.

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