Unknown Mine - Goodsprings (North) Mine District

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This page last updated on 11/07/2018

(Fig. 01)
Directions: I created this map (Fig. 01) of and area northwest behind the town of Goodsprings, NV. Shown near the center of the map, both of these mines are located approximately 4 miles northwest of Goodsprings Nevada, off of Nevada (53) what today is know as Kingston Road. Highlighted with yellow (and arrows) shows the route we traveled on today's trip. The location of this mine is labeled "Unknown Mine" in the map in (Fig. 01).

11/03/2018 Trip NotesToday Jim Herring, Harvey Smith and Bob Croke came back to this unknown mine. Harvey, Bob and I visited it the first time back in 01/15/2014. Driving down the road you can see two mine sites on the left side of the road (Figs. 02 & 03). We drove up the road and parked in front (Fig.04) of the opening of the mine (Fig. 05). Though we didn't enter again today, on our first visit, this opening proved more promising, and I decided to enter it. However, after about 20 feet in there was a very steep shaft with some wood framing and a series ladders (Fig. 07) that appeared too unstable to descend. Harvey hiked over to the second mine at the site and discovered that it had a very large steel structure covering the shaft to prevent entry. The thought is that the shaft of this second opening may have been connected to the first with underground tunneling. The picture in (Fig. 08) was me climbing out of the mine. From here we continued on to the site of the Red Cloud Mine ... Red Cloud Mine & Mill. Refer to the map above.

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(Fig. 04)
(Fig. 05)
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(Fig. 08)
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