Daytrip - Death Valley National Park

On 02/23/2016, I drove to Death Valley with Blake Smith and my wife Connie. The purpose of the trip was to photograph spring wildflowers. As we arrived from the East Entrance to the Furnace Creek Inn, we were encouraged by the spotting of a great color combo consisting of Golden Evening Primrose (Camissonia brevipes), Notchleaf Phacelia (Phacelia crenulata) and Purple Mat (Nama demissum) decorating Furnace Creek Wash. Today's visit was outstanding. We were all amazed by the vistas everywhere we looked that were blanketed in wildflowers. From what I've heard, it appeared to revival the bloom of 2005, which was touted as the best flowers in 100 years. Click here for pictures and descriptions ... Death Valley National Park Flora.