What Is It?

E-P1080593-2I am always looking for the unusual. While walking the property at the Techatticup Mining Camp, located in Eldorado Canyon, NV, I found the worn remains of and old steel drum that had at one time been painted white.  As you can see from the right-hand picture, it’s of a painted area on the end of a steel drum in which the paint has worn off over a long period of time. Its long exposure to the natural elements of the desert weather, combined possibly with spillage from whatever was contained within the drum many years ago, have caused the paint to flake off and leave what is one of the most interesting and unusual wear patterns I’ve ever seen. Without the picture on the right, it would be nearly impossible to identify what the above picture is. To me this is a prime example of "ECO-Art". An artist would be hard pressed to paint an abstract as interesting as this.