Wall Collage #001

Series: Recycled Wall Art - Collage #001 - To buy this one-of-a-kind piece of wall art, go to Ken's Eco-Art Gallery.  This website provides purchase information for various pictures and art pieces I've created over the past few years. 

Series Background: This was actually my first creation for my Eco-Art series titled, "Recycled Wall Art".  To learn more about this series, read the entry, Category Description.

Collage Background: I build this one to remind me of the hundreds of dollars that I had invested over time, not only in the original purchase, but also in a variety of plug-ins and attachments. This collage is comprised of the screen, circuit boards, keyboard button controls, batteries and other internal components from my Handspring Visor. It also includes the desktop charger, various plugin attachments such as MemPlug and the attachable keyboard from Stowaway. I took a plain white, stretched canvas on a wood frame and spray painted it black. Leaving a half-inch boarder all the way around for framing, I organized the pieces to fit within the allotted boundary and began gluing them down. Finally, I had it framed.