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Series Background: So far there are seven pieces in my Eco-Art series titled, "Recycled Wall Art". I originally got the idea after a failed attempt at trying to 'fix' one of my old digital cameras after its telephoto lens mechanism stopped working. However, after seeing the camera's intricate insides, I thought, why not take it completely apart and use its pieces to create something to remember it by instead of just throwing it away. Thus, it began ...
The first in the series was a collage of my old Visor by Handspring. This was created on a stretched oil canvas. Later on I started mounting them on foam-board. Then I got the idea of creating them or placing them inside box frames. After the Visor, it was old cell phones, hard drives, a couple of cameras, and finally this. Though I hope to do more in the future, it seems that my photography has taken a priority for now. If interested, detailed purchase information on each of these items can be found at ... Ken's Eco-Art Gallery.