Wall Collage #006

Series: Recycled Wall Art - Collage #006 - To buy this one-of-a-kind piece of wall art, go to Ken's Eco-Art Gallery.  This website provides purchase information for various pictures and art pieces I've created over the past few years. 

Series Background: This was actually my sixth creation for my Eco-Art series titled, "Recycled Wall Art".  To learn more about this series, read the entry, Category Description

Collage Background: This collage is comprised of circuit boards, keyboard wiring circuitry, and a electronic pieces from variety of electronic ‘gadgets’ including disassembled printers, computers, scanners, cell phones, camera, etc. It is all set in a three-inch deep glass enclosed shadow box. Having sprayed the inside surfaces yellow, I then covered these surfaces with the transparent circuit diagrams that I retrieved from several keyboards. The lines on these kind of represent the roads or streets within the city.  I then arranged various tan and green circuit boards to represent the ‘city blocks’, with their attached  transistors, plugs, diodes, chips, etc., being representational of ‘buildings’, ‘water towers’, ‘arenas’, ‘warehouses’, etc. One could even construe that each green circuit board represents a ‘campus’ with its ‘buildings’ surrounded by grass and the circuits themselves being the paths and walkways. It is nearly impossible to appreciate the three dimensional effect of this piece in a photograph; it has to be seen to be truly appreciated.