Lava Man – Guardian of the Canyon

Lava Man – Guardian of the Canyon by Kenneth Clarke: I shot the original image for this picture canvas while on a hiking tour through the lower Antelope (slot) Canyon, located just outside of Page, Arizona. To buy a one-of-a-kind original gallery wrap of this picture, go to Ken's Eco-Art Gallery.  This website provides purchase information for various pictures and art pieces I've created over the past few years. 
E-IMG_0782The ’alien-like’ image above was created from the photo on the right. When I began playing around with the image, I think it was the section in the rock face that looked somewhat like an ‘eye’ that first caught my attention. First I flipped it. Then I cut it in half, duplicated it and pasted the two halves together. Finally I  enhanced the color and saturation until I arrived at the fiery ‘molten-lava-like’ image above.