Water Globes
Reflections by Kenneth Clarke: This abstract was created from a series of photos taken at the Spring 2009 exhibit entitled, “Gardens From Around the World”, at the Conservatory & Botanical Gardens inside the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas.  To buy a one-of-a-kind original gallery wrap of this picture, go to Ken's Eco-Art Gallery.  This website provides purchase information for various pictures and art pieces I've created over the past few years.  
IMG_4239How it was Created: There were several fascinating displays that had water flowing out of the top of hollow glass globes as shown in the picture on the right. I took several pictures from varying positions in order to get different reflections on the water flowing over the globes. After using Paint Shop Pro to clean up and color enhance some of the shots, I then used Scrapbook Factory Deluxe to crop just the globe portion of the photo onto a black background. Adjusted their size and arranged for a look of depth. After grouping and enlarging I then exported the file as a .JPG.