Enhancing Landscape Photos

(Fig. 01)
Adding a New Sky: I recently purchased a new editing program called "LandscapePro" to provide an easy way to edit landscapes by providing intelligent controls that adapt to the features in a photo, allowing you to easily brighten, recolor or replace skies. The picture in (Fig. 02) below is the original picture of some Jumping Cholla cacti in Eldorado Canyon valley below the town of Nelson, Nevada. As you can see, the sky ended up over exposed and washed out. Though in the past I have used some of my existing editing programs to "replace" a washed out sky, the processes are often involved and difficult to achieve. However, with just a few "clicks" in LandscapePro I ended up with the vastly improved picture seen in (Fig. 01) above.
(Fig. 02)
Figures (03 & 04) are another example. This picture was taken at the ghost town of Rhyolite, Nevada. Again, the sky in the original picture (Fig. 03) is over exposed and a little washed out. After running it through LandscapePro and adding a new sky, it changed the whole effect of the picture. Not only is the picture more aesthetically pleasing, the new "sky" makes the building, the intended focus of the shot, more prominent and stand out even more. With literally dozens of additional effects, I can see that I will be experimenting with this program much more in the future.

(Fig. 03)

(Fig. 04)