Category Description

Plants, Flowers & Fungi: Due to the number of pictures of plants and flowers I have captured on my various hiking trips over time, I had let this category get completely away from me. Because its index was not inadequate, I redesigned the whole category so that things would be easier to locate.  The new index Plants, Flowers & Fungi Index will now allow you to looking up plants and flowers by both title and pictures. I also created a new sub-category titled, Plants & Flowers Requiring Identification, with flower pictures sorted by color, so visitors to the site can participate in the process of helping me to identify some of my plant & flower pictures. If you ...   
would like to assist me in my flower identification process, click the link above, pick out any of the flowers shown and see if you can find it either in a book or on the internet. If you are able to identify any of these, I will eventually create a page for it, add it to the main index, and give you credit for helping to ID it.