Bullfrog-Rhyolite Cemetery

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This page last updated on 05/31/2017

05/30/2017 Trip Notes: The Bullfrog-Rhyolite Cemetery is located in Rhyolite; Nevada's most popular ghost town. Our way out of Rhyolite, we decided to visit the cemetery. Just south of the town, it is off a unmaintained dirt road. Turning right on signed side road, and left again on a dirt road. Going down approximately .5 miles you will see gate on left that leads into the Cemetery. There is a monument (Fig. 01) honoring the cemetery that has been placed near the entrance that gives some information on the Cemetery (Fig. 02). It reads,
"This enduring bronze is placed here to the blessed memory of those who sleep herein; and to the remembrance of all others who came this way and opened up this great Nevada desert mining world by those who cared ... April 1959"
There are three recognizabe "rows" (Fig. 03). In this cemetery, there are many unmarked graves and the silence is quite deafening. Most graves are just mounds of dirt, some have fencing around, some have well weathered plaques (Fig. 04), some have headstones (Fig. 05). Some are actually quite elaborate (Fig.05). Actually the grave in (Fig. 06) there is a picture of the person who is burried here.

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