28th Annual Snow Mountain Pow Wow

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This page last updated on 05/28/2017
(Fig. 01)
Description: The Las Vegas Paiute Tribe celebrated American Indian culture with southern Nevadans at its 28th Annual Pow Wow on May 27th and 28th held at Snow Mountain, located just 20 miles north of downtown Las Vegas off of Route 95. This event is held here every year. The grounds circling the outdoor performance arena contained several food vendors and dozens of booths by artisans and crafters that provided a unique shopping experience. Items included Indian jewelry, pottery, flutes, traditional Indian music, blankets and baskets. Coinciding with Memorial Day Weekend, the 12:00 p.m. grand entry opening ceremony honored all Veterans who have served in the United States of America armed forces.

05/27/2017 Trip Notes: This was the second Snow Mountain pow wow I attended. This year I went with my friend Jim Herring. Arriving around noontime, we started by enjoying some food from several of the vendors before then sitting in the bleachers on the outer parameter of the arena (Fig. 02). As the performance arena began filling with dancers (Fig. 03), they danced to the drummers (Figs. 04-06) beating out the beat for various dances. (Con't below)

(Fig. 02)

(Fig. 03)
(Fig. 04)
(Fig. 05)
(Fig. 06)
(Fig. 07)

Trip Notes Continued: I then began just taking random pictures of the dancers in the arena. There were dancers of every age, from young children (Figs. 07 & 08), family groups (Fig. 09), to some of the most elaborate, colorful "Fancy Dance" warriors (Figs 10 & 13), to some well coordinated husband and wife teams (Fig. 14). The girl in (Fig. 15) was one of the Jingle Dress dancers. Overall I think I captured a good cross selection of the best dancers. In spite of the temperatures, it was a successful afternoon of pictures.

(Fig. 08)
(Fig. 09)
(Fig. 10)
(Fig. 11)
(Fig. 12)
(Fig. 13)
(Fig. 14)
(Fig. 15)
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