Black Mt. & Red Mt. Trails at Bootleg Canyon

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12/29/2015 Trip NotesThis past week, Robert Croke, Harvey Smith and I decided to drive out to Red Rock Canyon to hike two mountain trails in Bootleg Canyon over near Boulder City. For this visit we decided to for go hiking up Bootleg Canyon Trail (Fig. 02) and chose to drive up Bootleg Canyon Road to a parking and trailhead above the canyon. For this hike we decided to go in the afternoon in hope of obtaining some better pictures of Lake Mead. We chose to hike to the summit of Black Mountain first (Fig. 01). About three-quarters of the way up you  get a view looking down onto Boulder City (Fig. 03). From the summit you get a great view of Lake Mead and the surrounding area (Fig. 04). Using my telephoto lens, I captured pictures of the Lake Marina, the Boulder Dam Casino and a section of the dam bypass bridge (Fig. 05). Near the top, there was a small-like cave. I convinced Harvey to get inside for a photo opt (Fig. 06). On the way back down to the Trailhead, there was a great view of Frenchman Mountain on the east side of Las Vegas (Fig. 07). (Con't below)

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(Fig. 04)

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Trip Notes Continued: Upon reaching the parking lot, we decided to hike the trail up to Red Mountain Overlook. Near the top, we reached the upper launching platform of the mountains' four zip lines (Fig. 08). Click this link to read about the zip line ... Zip Line at Bootleg Canyon. The picture of the Red Mountain Overlook was taken from the zip line platform (Fig. 10). Before heading up, three mountain bikers had come up behind us and were going to head down one of the mountain's many extreme bike trails (Fig. 11). The view from the top in (Fig. 12) is looking back down on the parking lot and trailhead. Harvey is pointing out (Fig. 13) to Bob the location of the gun club he joined in Boulder City. After soaking in all the great views in every direction, we had a view of Las Vegas as we hiked back to the parking lot (Fig. 14). Having not hiked here before, both Bob and Harvey really enjoyed the hike and the views.

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