Daytrip – Keystone Thrust Fault Hike

EP-Keystone Fault 04The Keystone Thrust Fault is considered the most significant geological feature in Red Rock Canyon. The Keystone Thrust Fault extends from the Cottonwood Fault along State Route 160 north for 13 miles along the crest of the Red Rock escarpment. It then curves east along the base of La Madre Mountain before it is obscured by very complex faulting north of the Calico Hills. The escarpment in Red Rock Canyon NCA provides examples of one of the most dramatic and easily identified thrust faults to be found anywhere. This is a moderately difficult, in-and-out hike, is roughly 2.2 miles and only take about a 1.5 hours. Click her to view …Keystone Thrust Fault Trail – RRNCA.