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12/29/2015 Trip Notes: This was actually my third hike to the overlook. Click here for more pictures and information on this hike ... Black Mt. & Red Mt. Trails at Bootleg Canyon.

05/30/2015 Trip Notes: Taking the Bootleg Canyon Road, we drove to the parking area at the top of the canyon. We then proceeded to hike to the top of Black Mountain. The picture in (Fig.02) shows the trail as it snakes it way to the summit in the upper right. The views from this trail and from the summit of Black Mountain were much better than those I had from the Red Mountain trail on my previous visit. Once we reached the summit we both sat on the bench (Fig. 03) to rest, have a snack and some water. There were outstanding views in every direction (Figs. 04 thru 07). Looking to the southeast was Boulder City (Fig. 04); to the northwest was Las Vegas (Fig. 05); to the northeast was Lake Mead (Fig. 06); and to the southwest were the solar plants in Eldorado Valley (Fig. 07). Unfortunately, I was staring directly into the early morning sun for several shots which hindered the quality of several of my pictures.Not only did we pass dozens of lizards along the trail to the top, I found this guy (Fig. 08) at the vary summit. (Fig. 09) was a final look at Lake Mead.

(Fig. 01)
Description: From the drive-up trailhead, there is no sign, but the trail starts down the hillside from the northeast corner of the parking area (refer to Fig. 01). As can be seen from the trailhead, the trail runs down about 0.2 miles the hillside to the intersection with the River Mountains "Foot" Trail. About 100 yards farther down the trail, the trail forks, with a bicycle trail going left (north) and down the hill, while the Black Mountain Trail goes right and up the hill (east). The first sign here reads: "River Mtn Hiking Trail, No Bicycles." The second sign states: "Foot Traffic Only." Follow the foot trail eastward as it slowly climbs toward Black Mountain Overlook (Fig. 02). The trail runs around a hill on the ridge and comes up to a nice overlook with views down into the canyon below, the trail coming up the canyon, and Boulder City in the distance. Continuing upward, the trail switchbacks to the right, then in about 110 feet, switchbacks 180-degrees to the left, at a spot where bedrock makes the switchback somewhat obscure and easy to miss. A a well-defined trail continues straight. for about 50 feet to an overlook view of Boulder City. If you missed the switchback (as we did) turn around and hike back 50 feet and the switchback becomes obvious. At the summit, elevation 3,526, the overlook is a great place to sit, relax, and take in the grand scene. To the north is Las Vegas, to the east is Lake Mead, to the south is Boulder City, and to the west are the Black Mountains. In all direction, mountain ranges stretch off into the distance. This last leg of the trail is about 0.6 miles, making the total round trip hike from the parking area about 1.6 miles with an elevation gain of 231 feet.
(Fig. 02)
(Fig. 03)
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(Fig. 05)
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