2015 - Year in Review

At the end of each calendar year I review all of my hiking posts for the year and attempt to select what I feel are the better pictures worth sharing again. For display purposes, I then group them into 11 basic categories: Desert Landscapes, Desert Foliage, Desert Wildlife, Rock Art, Nevada Mines, Trees & Wood Textures, Desert Fossils Remains, Rocks & Formations, Desert Water, Mountain Landscapes, and People & Faces. 

Two things made this late in coming. First, I started this project quite late into the new year. Second, because I decided to associate each selected picture with the hyperlink of the hike in which the picture was taken, this project took much longer than I anticipated. The good news is it is finally finished it. The end result is a compilation of more than 125 photos that will take you on a virtual tour to more than 40 of the hikes I took in 2015. I hope you enjoy. Check it out here ... 2015 - Year in Review