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Directions: From the Stratosphere Casino head northeast on Las Vegas Blvd about 3 miles and bear right to merge onto US-515/93/95 south towards Boulder City. Follow US-93/95 for 17 miles and then merge onto US-95 South (Veterans Memorial Hwy) toward Searchlight/Laughlin. Travel about 10 miles until you come to NV-165 on your left! Once past the town of Nelson, this long winding downhill grade follows El Dorado Canyon through the El Dorado Mountains past the Techatticup Mining Camp, following the 'wash' all the way down to the Public Recreation Area known as Nelson's Landing (Fig. 03).  Although there is no launch ramp, there is a paved road that takes you within a half mile of the lake, then it turns into a dirt road and continues down to the river's edge (Fig.01). To go to Place Cove, turn right when you reach the wash and head west on Eagle Wash Road. After a few hundred yards take a left onto Place Cove Road (Fig. 02), and follow it all the way to Place Cove (Fig. 04).
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General Description: The area referred to as Nelson’s Landing is located about 10 miles beyond the town of Nelson on the northern shore of the Colorado River. Nelson's Landing is most noted for a flash flood that washed a small settlement and a group of campers into Lake Mohave in 1974. There are three major washes that run from the local mountains toward the river. The problem is that they all converge into a small outlet called Nelson's Landing. The entire landing was destroyed and nine people died when a wall of water and debris, reported to be about 30 feet high, reached the river. Read details about this flood on the following reference page ... Ref - 1974 Flood at Nelsons Landing. View the slide show at the end for more river views. Hiking in either direction provides some spectacular overlooks of the Colorado River. The best thing about this area is that it provides you with the opportunity to walk along and actually stick your feet into the Colorado River. Taking the drive on Place Cove Road over to another cove provides for a better beach and opportunities to dive off one of the adjacent cliffs into the water.
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09/19/2015 Trip Notes: This was my forth visit to Nelson’s Landing on a trip with my brother Tommy. However, after looking on a Google Earth map of the area and some more research, I discovered the nearby cove of Place Cove (Fig. 04). After a short couple of miles on the fairly well graded dirt road, the view of the cove comes into view (Fig. 05). As we approached the beach we were amazed at how many people were here (Fig. 06). Many people were prepared for a day on the river with sun tents, gas grills and water craft. It was obvious that another one of the attractions was jumping off the 25-foot cliff located on the right side of the beach (Figs. 07 & 08). Much better than the beach at Nelson’s Landing, I’m glad that I found this cove and will definitely visit her again.
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06/29/2011 Trip Notes: On this visit, I brought Jim Herring and his friend Patrick after a tour of the Techatticup Mine Tour at Eldorado Canyon. Here are some more landscape pictures taken at Nelsons Landing ... Landscape pictures at Nelsons Landing.
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02/17/2011 Trip Notes: This was my I first visit to Nelson’s Landing on a daytrip with the rock-hounds from the Heritage Park Senior Facility after a stop at the Techatticup Mining Camp. Since then I have returned for four additional visits to this area, twice for the mine tours of the Techatticup Mine. Whenever I visit the mining camp, I always make it a point to continue down to Nelson's Landing at the river for some solitude time with nature (Figs. 11-13).
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