Hemingway Park - Desert Bighorn Sheep

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2015 Desert Bighorn Sheep
(Fig. 01)
09/18/2015 Trip Notes: On the return from a tour of the Hoover Dam with my brother, we stopped by Hemingway Park that is located in Boulder City, overlooking Lake Mead. Although there is always a chance of spotting some of these sheep grazing in this park, this was one of the largest group I have seen here. I counted more than 42 sheep scattered around the park. It just amazes me as how docile these large animals can be; allowing you to get within just a few feet to capture their pictures. Though I took dozens of pictures, those in the collage in (Fig. 01) are some of today’s better pictures. Click on (Figs. 02 & 03) to enlarge and to look them right into their eye.
(Fig. 02)
(Fig. 03)