Landscape Pictures at Nelson’s Landing

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This page last updated on 04/08/2018
Today, Nelson's Landing, is merely a stretch of land at the end of a steep dry wash located about 16 miles upstream from Cottonwood Cove on the Nevada side of the banks of the Colorado River. There is no launch ramp, as the name might lead you to believe. It’s accessible by a paved road that takes you within a half mile of the river, after which it turns into a dirt road that continues to within a few hundred yards of the river’s edge as shown in the photos below.
E-P1020023 Stitch
Nearly 40 years ago the area known as Nelson's Landing was a small boat launch and village located near the banks of the River. In 1974, a strong downpour in the regional mountains sent the runoff down five wide channels that converge into this small outlet, producing a flash flood that washed nearly everything into the river. The entire landing and village was destroyed and nine people lost their lives when the flood came through the wash. The wall of water and debris was reported as about 40 feet high as it reached the river.
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