Daytrip - Lake Mead's Ever Shrinking Lake

EP2-Lakeshore Scenic Drive - 33-hole OverlookOn 09/23/2015 my friend Jim Herring, Connie and I took a trip out to Lake Mead for a picnic lunch at the 33-Hole Overlook. It was very hot and It was so windy, it was trying to blow our lunch off of the picnic table. I’ve certainly had better days out here. Jim and I tried to hike down to the water’s edge, but before reaching it we decided it was too hot to be out here hiking. Most impressive was how low the water line was as compared to my first visit here more than 10 years ago. The exposed landscape is quickly becoming a surreal landscape turning into more and more desert with every passing day. Click here for some more pictures and information on the Lake Mead water level … Lake Mead's Ever Shrinking Lake.